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Theatre? "A impersonates B while C looks on." [Bentley, 1965, in McAuley, 1999, 1]

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public
Part I. One as Many

Theatre w/Anatoly: intro pages
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Spectator II: Many as One

Shakespeare -- MY SHOWS directory
"Theater is theory, or a shadow of it.... In the act of seeing, there is already theory." --Herbert Blau

Part II. "Many as One" [Aristotle on collective experience/nature of theatre]

Sorry to toss you from place to place, but who knows, when I will have time to work on this directory? Therefore, at least you can see what is already written and relevant to our subject: Bliss and Performative Principle (both with the references to "Society of the Spectacle" by Guy Debord).

Self (mind) as Many (the other form of the collective).

POMO and theatre: old and new IT (information technologies). How the old changed by the new.


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Show v. Spectacle: Two sides of the Miracle

"Daydreaming": Entertainment is #1 US export. Not steel, cars, or even electronics. Here we are -- the Information Age. But what do we sell to the world? What we are sold on?

"The Society of Spectacle" was written in 1968, the year I consider the borderline between Modern and Postmodern (PM or POMO). I was raised in the Soviet Society of Spectacle, I should understand the phenomena of the American Age. [Besides, I do theatre all my life, and my education is in film; what's wrong with me? Why can't I see the nature of the miracle?]

Did I say "miracle"?

Is there such a thing as theory of miracles? (Should I go back to the writings of the fathers of Christianity? I discovered them as a teenager, the second time -- as a writer, see nonfiction), and now --

Yes, write about it, the miracles! Life is a miracle! (Death is not).

Okay, miracle is something we don't expect (theatre and film folks, listen). Something ubnormal? Unusual? Crazy?

Next: part I: One as Many
* The Theology Page is probably the focal point of this book...

Theory "Theatre Theory" (Platonic Girls) was a nice idea. To think about the philosophy of theatre, or theatre as philosophy, but the pages didn't grow. I still talk on this subject in pages. The very simple thought that we had only two periods of Theatre (The Greeks and Us, starting from Shakespeare) must hvae an explaination! The two historical moments when Theatre was Church. When a man was center stage...

Let me repeat myself (from Film600 and

Where teaching and studying (research) meet --

Theme-thought, according to different playwrights (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov and so on) and directors (Fillini, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, Bergman pages).

Connections with other themes (list): family, gender and sex...

Finally, my own practical investigations: (only recently I began to make themes pages, Don Juan 2003, for example).

And the nonfiction (writing), of course: HIM, Father-Russia, PostAmeriKa, Self, POV, Tech (gatepages are in WRITE directory).

Yeah, yeah, there is more -- "philo" pages, metaphysics: in theatre theory directory, for instance (topics-bar: space, time and etc.)
Plus, Virtual Theatre and Book of Spectator!

Audience sees the secret of life and relates... SEES THE SECRETS OF LIFE? What are they, the secrets? Isn't it interested that both times, the Greeks and the Bard, the audience was illiterate. They read little... like now? Should we wait when the Book dies completely?
Audience wants suffering, they want to watch you suffer... Horror and Pity. The same Aristotle? Nothing new?


I can't move this book further without seeing the style, the tone, the look...

Aug. 2005. I am not writing this book. Too bad. film-north *

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