2009 and After :
stagematrix + cine101

This "book/project" was born out of filmplus.org/thr [THR Theory] pages, but since it has very little use for my teaching, I wasn't working on it.

In 2007 (web-year) I tried to turn my webpages around: from use by myself to online use by others.

I started new version of Book of Spectator = Spectator 2.0 at spectator.vtheatre.net to analyze the old idea of weshow -- which lead to "Web as Spectacle" and other thoughts about of web-experience.

The Society of Spectacle (1968) was written 40 years ago, although feature of this new (postmodern) world are most visible in Cyber Universe.

I really do not know where to start to sort out this GLOSSARY or dictionary.

Directing terms, acting, theatre general + film + web ...

Also, IT, physics and other fields [some references in my nonfiction projects ].

I have to focus on "web-spectator" first, before I come back here.

ANT 7.27.08


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