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In two years we directed and participated in dozens of shows. In fact, one our actor was casted into Russian "Hamlet" two days after our arrival to St. Petersburg.

I won't be able to post all the shows we participated in Russia; web-publishing of the RAT srchives is very big task!

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St. Petersburg Association of Dramatic Artists


Michael Bulgakov

One man show by Georgi Nilov

Director Seymion Freedland

Baltic House, Second Stage, Fri. August 14, 16:15

Bulgakov, in his short story "Morphine" analyzes the process of disintegration of human individuality. There are several levels of drug effects on a human - physical and psychological and the story is based on the diary of Dr. Polikov, in which he described his own drug addiction.

Creators of the show wanted to find stage expression of Bulkakov's story using methods of "poor Theatre" (Peter Brook's definition of "actor's theatre").

Actor Georgi Nilov graduated from St. Petersburg theatre school in 1984 (Master Teacher Don Metchik, U.S.A.). At the present time he is working on a one man show based on Orwell's novel 1984.

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