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[1]Russia [2]Moscow
                              MOSCOW THEATERS
    The following is an abbreviated index of Moscow theatres. There are
                also [3]notes on Russian theatrical history.
                               Bolshoi Thatre
                          Moscow, Theatralny str.
      Phone 292-0050 [INLINE] Visit the authorized site of [4]Bolshoi
                           Theatre at our server.
                                Maly Theatre
                          Moscow, Theatralny str.
                               Phone 292-0050
   1099 seats [INLINE] The Theatre was open to the public on the October
        14, 1824 and became a mirror of leading russian literature.
                      Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre
                           in the name of M.Gorky
                       Moscow, Tversky boulevard, 22
                               Phone 203-8773
   1350 seats [INLINE] The Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre MAAT, or MHAT
           in Russian was founded in 1898 by K.S.Stanislavsky and
                      Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre
                         in the name of A.P.Chekhov
                        Moscow, Kameregersky per. 3
    Phone 229-87-60 [INLINE] Classical plays as well as modern ones are
                   played at the theatre founded in 1924.
                      The Music Theatre of the name of
                   Stanislavsky and Nemirovitch-Danchenko
                        Moskow, Pushkinsky str., 17
                              Phone 229-83-88
    1416 seats [INLINE] Organised in 1941 by merging Staniskavsky opera
             studio and music studio of Nemirovitch-Danchenko.
                            The Operetta Theatre
                             Pushkinsky str. 6
                              Phone 292-1237 )
    1836 seats [INLINE] The Operetta Theatre was open in 1927. It made a
             great contribution in developing Soviet operetta.
                             Vahtangov Theatre
                           Moscow, Arbat str. 26
                              Phone 241-16-51
    1053 seats. [INLINE] The theatre started from the Vahtangov's studio
            previously called Students' dramatic studio in 1920.
                             Theatre of Satire
                Triumfalny str. 2. [INLINE] Founded in 1924
                               Stage Theatre
     1367 seats. [INLINE] Founded in 1954 by P.Smirmov-Sokolsky. Shows
   staging of its own plays. Performances of the best Russian and foreign
                            Theatre of Mossoviet
               Bolshaya-Sadovaya str. 16 (Garden "Aquarium")
                         Phone: +7 (095) 299-20-35
       1179 seats [INLINE] Organized in 1924. From the first days of
      existence it became an laboratory of new soviet dramatic theory.
                             Mayakovsky Theatre
                         Bolshaya Nikitskaya str.19
                            Theatre of Red Army
                              Suvorov squ., 2
                      Pushkin Moscow Dramatic Theatre
                             Tverskoy blvd. 23
                          K.S.Stanislavsky Theatre
                              Tversky blvd. 23
                               Gogol Theatre
                              Kazakova str.8-a
                          Chistoprudny blvd. 19-a
                              Taganka Theatre 
                             Zemlyanoy Val, 76
                             915-1217, 915-1015
                          Chaikovsky Concert Hall
                           Triumfalny square 4/31
                               Phone 290-0378
                            Moscow Conservatory
                               Gerzena str.13
                               Phone 229-8183
                            Moscvoretzky quay, 1
                               Phone 298-1124
                              Olympic Village
                             Olympic village, 1
                               Phone 437-5650
                               Helicon Opera
                               Gerzen str. 19
                               Phone 291-1323
                            Gypsy Theatre Romen
                           Leningradsky av. 32/2
                               Phone 250-7353
                     Russian Spiritual Theatre "Voice"
                            Suvorovsky square 2
                               Phone 281-7804
                             CHILDREN THEATERS
                      The Theatre of Young Spectators
                             Mamonovsky per.,10
                               Phone 299-5360
                   650 seats. [INLINE] Organized in 1930.
                          Obraztsov Dolls' Theatre
                        Sadovaya-Samothechny str. 3
                             665 seats [INLINE]
                               Dolls' Theatre
                            Spartakovsky str.26
                               Phone 261-2197
   548 seats [INLINE] Former Theatre of Children's Book founded in 1930.
                   Moscow Children Music Theatre Expromt
                        Makarenko str. 2/21, bld. 2
                          Phone 921-01-16 [INLINE]
                          Children's Music Theatre
                              Vernadsky Ave. 5
                          Phone 930-70-21 [INLINE]

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The Possessed 2003
Quotes & Thoughts:

Pre-publication version of a list to be published in the Moscow Times Dec.
30, 2003. Any and all quotations of, or references to, this article must
cite John Freedman. (c) 2003 John Freedman. The final version will be
available (perhaps with accompanying photos) on Tues. Dec. 30 in the
Metropolis section at www.themoscowtimes.com or www.tmtmetropolis.ru

The best of Moscow theater in 2003 was the result of a healthy mix of the
new and the familiar both in names and styles. From the young Pavel Safonov
to veterans Kama Ginkas and Konstantin Raikin, it seemed as though something
unexpected and exciting was always happening. Here, in chronological order,
are five of the year's top shows to prove it.

"School of Fools" at the Meyerhold Center arguably was the season's most
inventive show, a combination of physical, musical, poetic, puppet and
shadow theater acted out on the deck of a seafaring galleon. Under the
direction of Nikolai Roshchin, and with the crucial participation of the
composer Stefan Andrusenko, this delightfully baffling production set in the
Middle Ages offered a thought-provoking look at the way that, over the
centuries, the same human weaknesses, cruelties and stupidities continue
rising to the surface.

"Dreams of Exile" at the Theater Yunogo Zritelya was a marvelous surprise
from the renowned Kama Ginkas. Built on short scenes originally worked out
by Ginkas' students at the Moscow Art Theater School, it was based loosely
on themes drawn from the paintings of Marc Chagall. Ginkas pulled the funny,
touching and tragic episodes of Jewish life into a coherent whole that
exhibited equal doses of Chagall's lyrical magic and the director's own
demanding sense of truth.

"A Profitable Post" at the Satirikon again showed off Konstantin Raikin's
energetic, ultra-contemporary theater to best advantage. The great actor
Raikin limited himself to directing duties here, but coaxed a cast-full of
superb performances from his talented stable of actors. Together they turned
this Alexander Ostrovsky drama about vice and cynicism in the 19th-century
into a gripping, modern tale of greed, conscience and sexual politics.

"The Seagull" at the Vakhtangov Theater showcased a fine new directing
talent in Pavel Safonov. In Chekhov's play putting artists of varying
generations and sensibilities on a collision course, Safonov was especially
drawn to the young characters - the fledgling writer Treplev and the
would-be actress Nina Zarechnaya - drawing a penetrating portrait of people
whose ambitions are bigger than their potential. The result was a sensitive,
perceptive show that occasionally rose to the heights of the exceptional.

"Lucette Gauthier" at the Et Cetera Theater was an eye-popping combination
of lowbrow farce and innovative theater. The play is a frothy Georges
Feydeau comedy about a weak-willed man hiding his fiancee from his lover,
but what makes it work so well is the deliciously manic direction from
Alexander Morfov, a Bulgarian who often works in Moscow. Not only does he
keep the action tumbling forward at a breakneck pace, he constantly wraps it
around hair-pin turns that his actors navigate with ease. This stuff may be
old as the hills, but it's at least twice as funny.
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