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Russian-American Theatre Project

Some of the RAT projects still alive: see The Baltic House International Festival of Studio-Theatres...

RAT: Mission

Mission Statement
for International
Theatre Cooperation Agency

In a world that is growing ever more global the necessity of becoming a part of this growth becomes more and more apparent. The economic success of a nation, in fact, depends on a positive working relationship with the world market. Russia and Eastern Europe find themselves in a peculiar situation. While the rest of the world is advancing towards this global cooperation, they have been forced to pause and reassess the relationship between the state and it's people as well as between themselves and the rest of the world. These changes, however, are only the surface of an even deeper kind of transformation - the transformation taking place inside of people and this is the most difficult sort of change. If people refuse to accept changes in policy, the chages will never succeed.

This new role for Russia and Eastern Europe is strange and even a bit unnatural after seventy years of Russian Communism. The Communist state has accomplished its distructive mission: traditions are destroyed, values are abolished, national self-consciousness (not only Russian) is absent. Now Russia enters the world as a partner and not as an opponent; yet, they lack the ability to operate in the structures that the rest of the world has developed while they separated themselves from it - they are nonconvertible. This nonconvertibility is not only one of currency but one of mind. It prevents the needed changes in industry, economics, agriculture, etc. form taking place. Without true convertibility neither internal nor external changes are possible because convertibilty is to be able to understand one another, to live together, and to work together.

This process is most difficult because it touches every person's psychology and dictates deep changes in their attitudes towards each other as humans and consumers. This transformation is possible only through a joint working process. There exists no school that is as successful as simply working together. In such a school for a post-communism country, the students would simply await the revelation of some "trick" that would allow them to be successful under these new conditions instead of changing themselves to answer the new conditions. Some methodology or new philosophy must be developed to help them discover the route to success under the special conditions of their countries for themselves. Any such technique is more akin to aristry than business. While school should not be neglected, an accent on the development of a new philosophy cannot be overemphasised.

The idea of this paper, that this philosophy of convertibility is important and should be given special attention whatever the field of interest, was born of the practical experience of people awaiting a simple answer and instead getting a complicated one or being given an in depth analysis of the situation. Nobody wants to delve deeply into these problems because to do so reveals the need for great change in their fundamental philosophy. To change their philosophy is to change the life that they have known, and this they are unwilling to sacrifice. The teaching of a new philosophy, however, contains some danger because it represents the changes to come and people fear change. Fear is the strongest defense of the status quo.

All business activity between the West and the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia must contain this form of training. This nonconvertibility should also be kept in mind whan any contracts between East and West are being established. While such philosophical and psychological ideas are an organic part of western business and do not exist in Russian and Eastern Europe. Therefore, they should be appoached as a special topic when introduced to Russians and Eastern Europeans.

The inavailability of this sort of training for businesses and led us to begin developing an agency to provide it. The agency, The Russian American Center and RAC Publishing House "Connections," ready to serve you.

It does not matter what you are but who you are.

The Russian director Vsevolod Meyerhold once said: "At the sight of a chasm, some people think of abyss, others, of a bridge". So we, the actors, theatre directors and art managers, took this role and started Russian-American Theatre project which has now been successfull for more than a year. We need a bridge. So we started working.
Join us.

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2004 & After

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