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Americans in Russia

If you came from the front page, you already know that I am not a well orginized man. How could I introduce you to a half of century experience? This page is about my "Second Coming" to Russia. At first one, I was born there, in Moscow. My first Russian life is a long story, for a big Russian book. I'll skip my Soviet experience, my defection, life in USA -- and will talk about how came back as an American professor. With my Alaskan students, my Ethiopian wife and my American children. We came to St. Petersburg, the capital of Russian revolution, the window to the West....

Yes, we came to the country of enimies -- the Evil Empire!
(As you can see I only recently discovered the wonder of web and animation).

I write a book about tose two years in Russia, the rest of the pages are about the book. If you like reading, you are in a right place. It's all depends what do you like. You can go to plays page (no games) -- and read the plays by real Russians, or my plays. Or go to the pages of heavy literature. There are notes and diaries. I like them because I don't have to think about HOW to express myself, I simly record everything. If you like to sent me a note -- webmaster.



I'll be updating this Russian Writing grounds... if I can find the time. There are shortages with this product in America.

One Russian American Theatre (RAT) directory is here, another is @ Theatre w/Anatoly -- RAT; materials on small theatres of Russia, mostly St. Peteresburg. My writing is at Father-Russia -- reflections on those two years and thirty more before it.

The Diary I use to link to other pages; I do not keep up with the electronic diaries. This was an interesting idea, but I have too many interesting ideas to have time for all of them.

[ The Actor's Nightmare: Liz Hilliard, Daniel Kleinfeld, Lana Elton. Costumes by Tara Maginnis. ]

Rat -- Actors' Nightmare RAT

Dismorphomania (Workshoping Sorokin): Allisandro Giacomelli, Suzanne Hilger.

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Are we having fun yet?


Michael Hood and translator Andrei Makarov, speak at Hood's Stage Combat Workshop

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Chekhov Study English, Study Russian -- bilingual texts Chekhov Farces *

I did it many times; in the 80s and 90s...

This is how I did learn English myself...

I mixed American an Russian actors. We did translations as workshops. We did the shows in two languages...

I placed the Russian texts to help me to translate "Four Jokes and One Funeral" -- UAF Fall 2005 show.

Use it -- Chekhov works!

Perform it!

Theatre always works!

NTL, get some good dictionary!

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