politics * sum * the good of evil: I should thank the big history for making my peace with America. I still do not know, do not see (picture), where my grave is, but it should be here. That much I understand.

Now, about the pages. "Personal Politics"? Well, what do your think all the "homepages" are?

We lived through the great protestant revolution of all times; the Internet is the final libertarian reformation!

About the host of this directory. His name is Karl. Karl Marx. Or at least the spector of Marx. The post-contructivistic Marx, postmodern Karl. Pomo-dividual and posthuman. We all will be posthumans one day.

"Workers of the World Unite!" Remember? Well, as webmasters we did.

MARX: Are you serious?

ANATOLY: Yes, sir. Dead serious.

aBook + TECH = u21.us

[to be continued]