2008 -- election, spectacle : TV-politics, TV as politics.
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What else did I know but PoMo America?

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Never thought I will living in the third millennium... At the same time I never thought about HOW I will die.

What did I see?



Compare & contrast : remembering (my) 1988 VA

Soviet vs. American...

And now --

after the Cold War.

New story and new history?


How does it look like this "Century 21"?

"War on Terror"?



We should know something by now (2009).

What do I see?

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Of course, I do not know the future. And not just me. But we like to speculate about things we do not know. God, for example.

Why I cannot talk about new (21) century, or even the third millennium!

To talk about something that is known? How silly it is!

Oh, let me be wrong.

Let me make mistakes in my predictions, please.

Who listens, anyway?


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... Does the US face Great Depression II? - Oct 3, 2008? google it!

"The Great Depression resulted from the mix of a weak economy and perverse government policies." sounds like 2008. Of course, it won't be The Great Depression, it will be the Grand depression, because it's global now. We cannot enter the 3rd millennium without paying for rapping for twenty years. Good luck, Obama! [ WashPost 10.3.08 ]

Best luck...

If you read PS, you know that I do not plan to continue writing about American politics. My "American Time" is up.

I have no idea how much could I write about my African Life...

Perhaps, I should finish "Summer Fool" (Politics Made in USA) on newamerican.biz


2009 ?

Africa is ahead. Why should I think about politics or even history?

American, Russian Fools... What about Ethiopian Fool?

How about Fools without adjectives?


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{ 21 }

"End of America"?


Which "america"?

When did it take place?

How about 1968...

40 years ago, that summer should be called "historical"...

New century or/and new millennium began on 9/11


About being anti-social:

Interesting and IMPORTANT topic, but look how quickly is was fogotten! Small talk, chat-room, cocktail-party style... And I was happy to see this Amazon's feature "... people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you?" Oh, maybe this will make people "stick to the point"!

... And then I looked at the date of the original post -- May 27, 2008!

Should I even bother to write? Internet reveals how dis-focused we as a society (maybe even more than before), no wonder that we need politicians and media to "talk" for the crowd.

This is "nonfiction" portrait of America.

Or the "West" -- and what do we know about the rest?

Agree, if not at Amazon Nonfiction than only closed (professional) "lists" are left ...

But does it say about our citizenry?

"Receive e-mail when new posts are made" -- nice feature? I didn't check it -- I fear of messages that won't continue the conversation.

my post on "amazon nonfiction" in reply to Forums? Really?


Past Century, the end of the "Millennium of Son"

Social Christianity ran (final) exam : one man, one vote -- what do we have?

What majority vote for?

Including (western) "democracy"?

... Naive or Stupid

Americans, they are
To laugh at
Look down...

And yet too big, too strong, too much.

It's time for change and change
To grow up
Behave yourself
Be quiet
... and be like older West -- and, well, the rest.

We can, we should, we will --
And history will miss
naive and stupid
happy teens
and their silly songs
and many smiles
... and looking back at us

you, future men, will envy times
of child and childish laughter.

for dictionary :


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence -- i9ndividual independence

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomy -- In ethics, autonomy refers to a person's capacity for self-determination in the context of moral choices. Kant argued that autonomy is demonstrated by a person who decides on a course of action out of respect for moral duty. That is, an autonomous person acts morally solely for the sake of doing "good", independently of other incentives. In Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals, Kant applied this concept to create a definition of personhood. He suggested that such compliance with moral law creates the essence of human dignity. In metaphysical philosophy, the concept of autonomy is referenced in discussions about free will, fatalism, determinism, and agency.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soverign --

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individual -- [ missing SELF files ]


... and other terms to consider.



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... narrative.


Obama's America:

The brainiest cities in the United States 
Top 25 cities with more than 250,000 population, ranked by percentage of bachelor's degrees among residents 25 and older 
City State Percent 
Seattle WA 52.7 
San Francisco CA 50.1 
Raleigh NC 50.1 
Washington DC 45.3 
Austin TX 44.1 
Minneapolis MN 43.2 
Atlanta GA 42.4 
Boston MA 40.9 
San Diego CA 40.4 
Lexington-Fayette KY 39.5 
Denver CO 39.0 
Charlotte NC 38.8 
Portland OR 38.8 
St. Paul MN 36.5 
San Jose CA 36.1 
Colorado Springs CO 34.9 
Honolulu HI 34.7 
Oakland CA 33.8 
Pittsburgh PA 32.3 
New York NY 32.2 
Albuquerque NM 32.2 
Anchorage AK 32.2 
Omaha NE 31.9 
Nashville-Davidson TN 31.7 
Columbus OH 31.4 
New Orleans LA 31.4 

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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And on the other side of the globe --

The New Year Russian presents: 1.2.09 :

Georgia Story: Part 2 : Gas & Ukrain
(or Why Tbilisi is not renamed into Tbilis).

В общем, вывод: не надо свой непрофессионализм и уличные замашки ведения бизнеса выдавать за косяки украинцев. Да, с украинцами тоже не все хорошо, однако тем, кто хотел еще раз продемонстрировать миру агрессивность "русского медведя", подбросили отличный материалец. Хрестоматийный. Медведь не только агрессивный, но еще и страшно непрофессиональный и просто глупый.

You are underestimating Putin.
He knows who will pay -- Europe.
Of course, it's all about "politics"!
What would you do in "crisis"?
Did you study "political economy"?
Kremlin was never about economy; it's not unprofessional or stupid.
Numbers? Who cares?
Putin's way out of crisis is not through economy, but politics.
Obama doesn't know yet that he has to pay for those troubles in Russia.

Watch favorite KGB's movie "Godfather" -- "He made an offer they couldn't refuse."

What is this offer? -- Death (Nuclear War).

Tbilisi still is a capital of Georgia, but the Bear made his point.

Do you play poker?
Bluffing can make you a winner.
How do you know if he is bluffing?
You are wrong about Putin, he knows that he has no future -- and he will take Russia down with him.
"Business of America is business" -- not in Russia.

AND New Year Present : Israel :

Mostly economists focused on the crisis in USA, sometimes on "emerging markets", never of the next sub-level -- such as "subsidized nations" -- Palestinians, Kosovo, Africa... Their way dealing with crisis must be wars. 
How the cash-shortage will effect Osetia, for example? Or Chechnya? Common wisdom that since the third world countries will not be effected (since they are not integrated in world economy), but they were living on the oil money. 
Thank you for bringing this issue (war and wars) into the Crisis discussion. 
[ my post for Alaryanov ] 

and "After Putin what?"

Forget Nemtzov, even forget the numbers. For a year already Putin cannot find the "exit strategy" and nobody knows -- what is next? Here, in USA, millions lost (real?) money -- and the answer to status quo was the Obama's election. Will it help? Who knows? 
It's beyond "money" -- in Russia, or China. What changes must be made to get out of the situation that originated this crisis?  
Looks like Putin can "slam the door" (Trotzky's formula) on exit. 
Every "crisis" begins with the crisis of ideas. Or ideals (American, Russian, and etc.)
For four months I see endless speculations about oil prices ($200 or $10?), when dollar or ruble will collapsed... and at the same time no more (Russian) borders with Israel, which built the wall with Palestinians, who are supported by Kremlin. And who will pay for this mess and madness? 
Somebody has to.
All will pay. 
Could the world of the new millennium afford "politics"? It costs a lot. 
Watch China, which mind its own business. Interesting.
Best wishes.

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2009 : Before Reagan was Nixon, when the Republican in Senate had decency to tell their president to resign to spare the shame of the impeachment they were ready to vote for. RP would have some points if the good old Americans won't asked for loans they cannot pay for and good businessmen won't give them money, knowing it. Obama is the last hope for Americans to get out the moral crisis, which is the basis of all other forms of troubles.
This is the old conflict between the Republic and the Nation. Am. society lives in global time, Am. government still didn't get it. Too bad for this society.
Will see if indeed "we can"... [ GOP & Crisis ]