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TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + american age + self + future + death + past + present + time + space + love + family + generations + god * 2007
Oscar Wilde : "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he'll tell you the truth." [playwrighting]

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Look, I made several service pages, like Summary, or Intro in order to get this directory organized. Read them first. Also, FAQ, Notes or PS. Remember, the prime purpose of my webpages is for my own use. Read Web directory with the detailed explainations, why I do everything on the Web.

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Once the people begin to reason, all is lost. Voltaire 1694-1778
Consider it "welcome" page!

Welcome! ...Why would one need "preface" page, if you have "intro" and "title" pages?

I don't know.

Except, the pages keep growing and I have to spread the text...

Many complains -- that my pages are not user-friendly. But I am the user of those pages! No, I am serious. Even the htmlgears you see everywhere are for me; my mood -- good writing, strong thoughts, or the art I like. This is my home and place on cyber wall the stuff I enjoy.

Yes, I know that I built this glass house in the middle of the public square -- so I placed several tools for you to use the home. I don't mind. "Private in Public" -- Method Acting motto.

Now, about plays.

I like the most those plays I haven't written yet.

I like good plays -- you know: Shakespeare, Chekhov...

I know, why I like them -- I would like to write good plays, too.

....I had to consolidate the plays into one directory (in addition to the Plays @ Ant Theatre) -- so much advertisement! Forget it! Don't click!

This is a mixture of pages: my plays and the plays I directed (see SHOWS directory). Also, I use the online texts for my classes, of course.

Plays directories connected with the write directories: textbooks and non-fiction: write.vtheatre.net

The main idea was to have the texts online: the classics and my own, read intro.

2004 & After

new: Bergman, Ibsen, scripts online

adaptations: 3 Sisters, HamletDreams, The Possessed

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TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + american age + self + future + death + past + present + time + space + love + family + generations + god * 2007

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