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to Sam Shepard 
Sept. 29, 1992

Dear Sir,
in the Spring of 1992 I when began to rehearse a staged reading of your play "Fool for Love" with the Russian actors in St.Petersburg I didn't expect that we would get a show from a mixed cast of Russian and American actors playing in both languages at the same time.  When the full student workshop was ready for reading at our educational theater conference having two Eddies and two Mays made the relations within each character and between them so visible, - and the complexity of the drama (duality, split, conflict) became even more expressive through the striving for communication, and absence of understanding.  Even two Martins (when "Russian" Martin" was silent on stage all the time) stressed the drama.  We played the show once for the Russian American Theater (new program, our Summer'92 newsletter is enclosed) during the conference in August (for mixed audience as well - Americans and Russians).  The Russian director Andrey Moguchy, who rehearse the show with his company and our actors did an outstanding job.  Now the actors would like to perform "Fool for Love" for the Russian public.  On behalf of the Russian American Theater and our partner - the Formal Theater, St.Petersburg - I would like to ask your permission to run the show.  Russian tickets are around 5 rubles and the theater only has one hundred seats.  With the current exchange, at one dollar for 250 rubles this wouldn't bring much income for author's royalties, but we would still like to invite you to see the show (with our accommodations) in Russia (this fall), or in Fairbanks (late January).  
	There's "True West" at the Bolshoy Drama Theater (second stage) at St.Petersburg directed only with Russian actors and I want to have a "Shepard's Night" at the Baltic House Theater in April 1993 when we plan to have RAT Spring International Festival-Conference.  You are invited.  
	Please, contact me in Fairbanks before mid December, or after in Russia (fax or call, mail is unreliable).  Thanks.


						Anatoly Antohin,
						Russian American Theater
Stage Directing Group

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