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Film-Mining Directory

The Directories for Film-North. And my thoughts about redesigning the site...

Anatoly UAF + Anatoly Film + Virtual Theatre ...

I have to test it first; to live a bit with the texts before I can edit them. I use webpages for that purpose.

First, I am my own first reader and consumer! I have to make it useful for myself! What do I need from this FILM site?
Be specific -- stick to the name "films". If they want talk on movies, there are many places to go.

Mini-classes? That is how the narrative of surfing is organized. A thought is the best director.

How to update, expend the topic? The curse.

Second, I want to make the management of my Film-North easier for ME!
Don't do what you won't be doing anyway. My site = my interests.
My assessment is that I still do not know what I want (content), but in a year or two many things will be casted in stone. Not now.

The structure, see what is the most beneficial for you. The links are the public property anyway. The features (articles), think about DIRECTIONS (directories), look at your already existing structure -- what is growing, which is idle?

And of course, Virtual Theatre projects -- web as medium!


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