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1998, 1999, 2000...

This page highlights links to previous pages of 1998-1999. Originally, I thought that I could use webpages for my manuscripts, but...
Since I teach film classes, the class pages moved in... and brought with them links and more service pages. Books, videos, tests, etc.
That is the reason why I had to redesign all my websites, they got too big and impossible to navigate.

1998 Web-Structure

Interesting process...

Teach Film - Teaching Credo
In Classes (index) I store all the forms, tests, exams, etc.

Service - Pages I consider as my service to University & Community
Film Club, Film Festival and this very site as well.

Research - POV, the manuscript I work on
The best way is to go there and see for yourself...

Most recent -- Webbing

After one year of working on Web-Building I came to a conclusion, that this is TRUE new medium with a revolutionary ways in information architecture. Organization of infromation arrive to the level when we have not only new means to structure it, to indeed to create place in space. What does it mean? to put it simply -- this virtual takes over the physical universe. Buadliard called it Simulacra, I call it the Angelic World. I thought about since 1975 in terms of theory (Resurrection), but I should know better -- our times know no division between theory and practice.
See M-scripts: Self, Tech and Post-America (directories).

Also, see Classes -- Film and Classes -- Theatre

1999 was the year making websites work for others.

2000 -- make it commercially self-supportive.

Anatoly, Jan. 22, 2000

More Books (not categorized! Also, see TextBooks):

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