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# viewer -- The person who looks at a work of`art. (Art Vocabulary)
THR334 Film & Movies UAF Anatoly Antohin Fall 2007
# spectator: a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind); "the spectators applauded the performance"; "television viewers"; "sky watchers discovered a new star"
# an optical device for viewing photographic transparencies

... (noun существительное) 1) зритель 2) осмотрщик 3) окуляр стереоскопа и т. п

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Stanislavsky : Private in P{ublic (Public Solitude and Private Moment) -- Book of Spectator
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audience vs spectator :
An audience is normally presumed to have made a conscious decision to witness an event. It is plural in meaning---although the noun is singular, it is a gathering of people.
A spectator may be a member of an audience, or a casual bystander who accidentally and unintentionally witnesses something.

... It is interesting to note that "audience" has its roots in the Latin "audire" - to hear. While "spectator" is derived from "spectare" - to see.

Spatator = sport. 2008 Olympics in China.

They won.


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... "viewer" -- for someone who is watching a film. Never "spectator".
viewer, not even a spectator.

or as in web practice -- "visitor"!

Turn him into consumer!

Eat them!

... Soviet Union is no more, but Homo Soveticus is here.

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... Речь не о достопамятной цитате про важнейшее из искусств, тем более что она известна только по пересказу Анатолия Луначарского, и не самому безупречному: согласно популярному апокрифу, в оригинале речь шла о паре «кино и цирк», единственно доходчивой «для малограмотного пролетариата и вовсе неграмотного крестьянства». Речь о надиктованных в январе 1922 года «Директивах по киноделу».


Fellini said : my public has died.

How could it happend?


What took place?

I do not read books anymore.

Textbooks replaced books. Manuals.

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