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Electronic Life

I call it "web-archeology": the most recent notes are on the top. This page was made, when I learned HTML language, many moons ago. Some links could be dead. Some pix could be missing. When they digg out the old stuff from the ground, it's always in pieces. The same with the cyber ground...

The virtual time is very fast. And dies fast...

Anatoly, Summer 2003

Notes from the Past
.... Ethiopian Millennium?
From Anatoly:
During the summer (when we don't travel), I paint. For two months since the end of the Spring semester I work on this and other websites -- I believe that the WWW is only a beginning of the great mutation in our means of communication with the world and ourselves. I never thought that I would be back to my high school major -- computer programming. Yes, I had my first M.A. in thermo-dymanic. I don't mind to learn a new media. This is the page for some thoughts and reflections on Web & Net.
We'd used to say "God knows!" Perhaps we should change it to "Net knows" or "Web only knows"! Foucault wrote about the panopticon, a place where you can be seen all the time. Originated by the French mind for the prison system, developed by the US Defence Department (Internet), it became the future where we all want to be -- on the Web. Who said that we need the Holy Inquisition for confessions? No, we are dying to confess! We need to be noticed! We are the exhibitionists and happy campers in the virtual Gulag! I'm one of many, I can't claim any credits for originality. BTW, the Pentagon never asked for any Nobel Peace Price.
Sorry, I'm on the wrong web site! Those thoughts are for my different web pages, they are from the American Identity deep philosophy area....

Web & Internet

Perhaps it will take more than a page to talk about some web building and cyber-writing tips. Electronic screen is a radically new and complitely different medium. If you worked with images and photos, you know that the screen asks for a special treatment of color and brightness. The most intriguing aspect is the unknown yet relation of text and images on the screen.

This new page is about the pages!

What I have learned doing this website and what is ahead. [ 5 years is a big sentence, even for such a crime as being a webmaster. ]

More.... later. Anatoly

My biggest problem is the navigation of the site. I continue to add pages and I myself feel lost. The forms of the site keep evolving, including the countless affiliation programs, which give it an appearence of a comercial site. I decided that I'll go with what the visitors, the Web and Net, offer. [ They say, make the map, focus the site and "tree it"! Oh, yes, webbing is a garden, not a superhighway! ]
Updated: Each my site has web directories. I call them service pages. If you want to know more about webbing, go for Web Direct and follow the links.
To build a page is a start, you have to promote it and this task alone will force you to learn more about HTML. Building website is a re-building it. It take much time and experimentation. You will waste many hours on something which you will never use, but this is too a lesson.
You will get into many rings and banners exchange programs, only to discover that they do not work. Stick to the content, to something you know, be specialized and you will be special. I didn't go far and wide, there are many sites about Ethiopia. I made a rule for myself -- if it is already exists, link to it. My aim was to write web-biography of Haile Sellassie and do it from the perspective of our family. Period.

You notice the change in style, I guess. After while all those animation wonders and graphics lose their appeal. You want functionality, simplicity, working pages. Web is a knowledge machine, focus on information arrangements, yes, data processing. The Web Aesthetics must be born in the usage.

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