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Ethiopian & Rastafari
by Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.
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Hyper-Biography (selected chapters):

1892: Birth of Tafari
1917: Ras Tafari
1930: Nega Negus
1935: War
1960: Lost Generation
1975: Death
2000: End


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"An Ethiopian Boyhood"


Notes & Quotes

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Personal Politics Liberty is always unfinished business. --anonymous

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"Personal Politics"? Why should it be my only principle? Why not to fight against ALL nations?

Why not to say that the very idea of "united nations" is wrong? The "United Nations" is a compromise between the strangers, not brothers -- the cultures must live together, no nations!

Not the states, the outlived concept, but the cultures!

Tigrey and Amhara will be always compete as states, as nations, but compliment each other as cultures, as they always did!

Culture doesn't need "liberation" -- it's language, art, traditions -- it's always free!

Down with the states!

Down with the nations!

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It would interesting to read "notes" only in every directory -- maybe, there is some story in it.


-- But how to read one single page?

Ethio and Ethiopia pages -- how do they related to HIM?

He is Ethiopia. He was and will be Ethiopia.

There is no Ethiopia without Haile Sellassie.

Without HIM it's not Ethiopia, but Ethio.


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To confuse you, to make you suffer.

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Notes : Goodbye History, Hello Mystery!

No, not in small print -- at the top!

Ehough of this nonsense! No in the 21st century, not in the 3rd millennium!

Not nations, but the cultures!

Not states...

No need for the United States of the World or the World Gorvernment, -- Long Live the Cultures!

Viva Cultures! ...

Antohins - Russian Family Story
Moscow and Russian Pope. HIM visit in 1959.

How different is this site from Sellassie WWW?

HIM and the House of Sellassie, Sellassie Cyber Museum?

HIM is around the book!

List it under writing, non-fiction, biography, history, etc.

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New composition of the book: book-within-the book. "1892-1975" could be left as unfinished book I write, but the 1984-2000 is our story, the main narrative. 1984, 1986, 1995 chapters.... It has to be connected with the PostAmeriKa. How it relate to Father-Russia? All three are about my family. African and Russian -- dead. Even the American branch is the Post-American.

Reversed chronology for our story, straight -- for his. The happy end -- the beginning of our family.

1. 2000 -- before 1892

2. 1988 (Big Mac & Web) -- 1892

3. 1995 Fall -- 1917

4. 1995 Summer -- 1930

5. 1992 Russia -- 1935

6. 1989 Alaska -- 1960

7. 1986 -- 1974

8. 1984 -- 1975

[ plans to insert family story in the story of HIM : numbers left -- our dates ]

Unsent Letters

Dear Wondimu,

I do not want to sound too pessimistic but the victory will benefit first of all the present government in Addis while the people, all Ethiopians, will pay the price. If we are hearing about Tirgean domination for so many years, wait when it will be the Greater Tigrey within the size of the Classical Ethiopia. Ethiopian victory in Somalian war brought in the Soviets and Cubans and made Mangistu into a strong man of Africa. After the victory in WW II Stalin sent in Siberia two million Russian soldiers, who he thought will demand the changes in Russia after the war. No, he didn't release a single political prisoner even when the Germans were attacking Moscow.

I realize that my "marxist ideology analysis" of the situation is not popular and people prefer see Ethiopian history in terms of traditional national conflicts, thinking that socialist ideas are only slogans. Well, this is precisely how the party plays on national pride and patriotic feelings. And it is the party in power with its party interests which are not Ethiopian or even Tigrean but their own. They weren't elected and therefore can't just give the power to anybody. Ethiopia never had an elected by the people leaders and expect a democratic behavior from those who got the power by non-democratic means is unrealistic.

To demand freedom is always timely. Maybe it will take ten years or fifty the voice must be there. And it has to be an Ethiopian voice. It is unfortunate that in the year of 1999 many still do not understand that one can be against the government in order to defend the future of the country. If society can't develop itself to the level when it speak for itself and only through the goverment, the nation is destined to ge ruled by the party. This war is the most visible simptom that Ethiopia is at war with itself. What's why I call it the civil war. Not till this war is over Ethiopia can have a government of peace.

Anatoly G. Antohin

Dialectics, Ethiopian Politics and the Government (notes)

I am not sure how to aply dialectics here, but the "cause-n-effect" principle can help. I think that I wrote already that in normal (democratic) conditions, both governments would fall in May 1998. They didn't. I also wrote that in my observation Meles' government benefited from the situation, which is understandable since the country does need any unity at times of war. For the same reason Eritreans would continue to support Issayas. It's not the war those leaders should fear but peace. And here in peace situation they differ. Ethiopia is a market in itself, Eritrea is not. Ethiopia has this economic "critical mass" as each big country (poor or not).

Now, unlike Haile Sellassie, the present government will fight to stay in power. Very much as Mengistu did; his regime collapsed, because it lived for too long on life-support from the Soviet Union. But today even if the Americans will stop their financial aid to Ethiopia, it can't effect the army much, the power-base of non-democratic governments.

Analysis is not about my or your preferences, but numbers. 1998 was the crisis -- and Issayas' biggest gift to Meles, who became a defender of Ethiopia by default. This is why now I do not expect big changes in Ethiopian government after the elections, but I think that the changes do takes place in the parlainment and local administrations in the country. This is why I used the term "evolution" -- a gradual change.

I didn't fogget the numbers and I hope Ethiopians still remember how many people died within the few years of the Dergue's rule and I do not think that the present government or even any other government in the past can match it.

The most recent evidence:
If the Meles' government indeed was on the brink of collapse, they would play alone with the American wishes. The recent replacement of the US Embassador was an indication that the Americans have to readjust themselves. My comments regadring congressman Gilman were to demostrate that US didn't know what to do with Ethiopia since the Nixon's confusion and still have no idea about it.

No, I haven't seen the signs of the near collapse of the government in 1995 and I do not see it now. This is why instead of waiting for changes, I advocate MAKING changes. And I do not have to take sides, I rather concentrate on defining my own position and therefore I have to understand what I see.

When I write about future conflict between the executive and legislative powers in Addis Ababa, it's not my hopes or prophecies, but observations.

A footnote:
The acceptance of an evolutionary model means that opposition cannot be always against everything government does. In fact, this non-revolutionary opposition is what British call "shadow cabinet" -- the second government. This is why I recommend that this second government must be developed. Regadless of my problems with the present government, I can not be against it when it serves, defending Ethiopia. My criticism was that it does do it badly.

I wrote about the evolutionary mode, because I see that too many are still in this un-productive revolutionary over-drive. My observations and, yes, my hope that majority of Ethiopians are tired or revolutions. That is what I saw and what I see.

Endnote. There is such "lost generation" in every national culture. The entire Ethiopian generation is lost in the civil war and the new generation should have a different midset, different sense of the future.

... And speaking of dialectics, the sythesis means overcoming the contradictions of the opposites. Not one or another -- but the third, new tage. I believe that Ethiopians are ready for dialectics.

Friends, I do not know in how many words I can put this simple fact that ANY overnment is a "neccessary evil" and this is why every democratic society ries to keep it small and under control. Ethiopia lacks this powerful society to do the job. This is where we can look for answers -- the ideas, which Ethiopian minds have.

Dear Nebiy Ezekiel, I am about to direct another show (Twelfth Night) and as lways I know that a few dozen individuals can't possibly be agree with me. nd I am not looking for it. More so, I don't want them to be agree with me, ecause than there will be no their imput. Unity is not in being all agree n something, but working together despite of disagreements.

Finally, there are things this government doesn't do and this is a blessing. hey will do it badly, non-governmental organizations will do it better, organizations you can form and run. Will this mean that you support this government? No, you will support Ethiopia. Doing nothing is definitely a big upport of the existing government and status quo.



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"The migration of the well-versed and faithful followers of Christ from countries of the Middle East into Ethiopia occured at that critical period when doctrinal schism was prevalent within the Ecumenical Church. Because these pious men were divinely called to make their refugee in Ethiopia with their theological knowledge of the primative and pure apostlic teachings, their advent into Ethiopia was a blessing for Ethiopians and a milestone in the Consolidation of Ethiopianism." -- Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus, Nibure Id, "Ethiopia: The Classic Case: A Biblical Nation under God"

"Those piles of ruins which you see in that narrow valley watered bythe Nile, are the remains of opulent cities, the pride of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. ... There a people, now forgotten, discovered while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair, founded on the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe." -- Count Rossini Volney "Ruins of Empires"

Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization



"The history of Christianity, like the history of all great religions and social movements, is strewn with the wrecks of words, wrenched from their original meanings, widened or narrowed, and forced into a bewildering variety of vessels that church their ways in seas of semantic confusion.
The Church of Africa south of the Sahara has acquired and added to the many Christian verbal transmogrifications that came originally from the north. In its turn, it has produced its own eccentric ecclesiastical etymology, of which, perhaps the most striking example is the story of Ethiopianism." -- George Shepperson "Ethiopianism: Past and Present"

Ethiopianism and Afro-Americans in Southern Africa, 1883-1916

The Bible as ideology: Ethiopianism in Jamaica, 1930-1938

Ezekiel 30:9 - In that day shall messengers go forth from me in ships to make the careless Ethiopians afraid, and great pain shall come upon them, as in the day of Egypt: for, lo, it cometh.

Psalm 68:31: Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.

Amos 9:7 : And the Lord Said: : "Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?"

Numbers 12:1 - And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman. And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous.

Mathew 12:42 - When the judgment comes, the Queen of the south, will stand there with you and condemn you.

* HIM Haile Selassie : "You must remember that Ethiopia is like Sleeping Beauty, that time has stood still here for 2,000 years. We must take great care, therefore, not to overwhelm her with changes now that she is beginning to awaken from her long sleep."

"Then Shall the children of Ethiopia return to their own land and there establish a light with no nation shall compare, nor will there be any power sufficient to douse it."

"Mothers of Ethiopia, the convention has triumphed, your sorrows have brought joy to Ethiopia, your tears have anointed her soil with a blessing, your cries have awakened her children throughout the earth, yea in the corners of the unknown world are they aroused, and is prophesying, saying prepare ye the way for a redeemer."
(HIM Diary -- what an idea to use, "creative nonfiction")


"And there appeared a light matchless in its beauty. Straightway the whole celestial host shouted and there appeared millions of angels dancing in the light singing, "Behold! Behold Ethiopia! the bride of the master. Her day has come at last! The Lord has received her hand. Her night has forever passed."" -- Shepherd Robert Athlyi Rogers "The Holy Piby"(1924)

"If Ethiopia's history and archeological treasures could be marketed, dug out like diamonds and somehow sold, I speculate, this country would be rich!". -- Judith Reynolds Brown "Faranji: A Venture into Ethiopia"

"The wheel of fortune never ceases turning and one day, perhaps tomorrow, you might be bowing to them[Ethiopians]." -- Virginia Morell "Blue Nile-Ethiopia's River of Magic and Mystery"

ETHIOPIANism : Promoting the divinities of Ethiopia and Christ's Vision of Judgment through Queen Sheba and her Lambs.

Ethiopianism --

Abesha.Com: Ethiopianism

Ethiopianism/Pan-Africanism in African American Religion

Encyclopedia Britannica: Ethiopianism

Ethiopianism :-. The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Mythical Pasts: Ethiopianism as a Revitalization Movement

Ethiopianism @ Sellassie U

Ethiopianism: Re-writing the Curse of Ham


Ethiopianism constituted the assertion of the dignity of the African

Aithiopika and Ethiopianism

Victorianism" and "Ethiopianism"

Ethiopianism and African Diaspora Identity


Ethiopianism as a Christian movement

"Ethiopianism: The Concept, Chronology and Consequences"

HIH Princess Aster Sellassie & Ethiopianism

Ethiopia and the mythology of Ethiopianism Ethiopianism and the African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Africa, 1896-1912.

The Poetics of Ethiopianism

Garvey was a firm believer in Ethiopianism toID=29

Bob (Marley) cried out about his Ethiopianism and the origin of man.

"Ethiopianism in Jamaica"

Black nationalism and Ethiopianism

"in the service of her Ethiopianism"

Greater Ethiopianism

Holy Zion! A Study of Ethiopianism

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