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2009 : Lul-Ethiopia


Looks like if this book will ever appear it will be a companion to 2010 Theatre LUL show

9.11.2009 -- presentation of the concept

Script by the end of 2009!

Auditions -- ?

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This is not a counsel of despair. Our own life has demonstrated that we are incapable of despair. Men will die in defence of principle; men will sacrifice their all rather than compromise themselves and renounce that which distinguishes them from the beasts - their moral faculty.
If this force in men can but be awakened and focused on the problems of each day, we shall survive each day to the dawn of each tomorrow, and in this survival guarantee to our children and our children's children a lifetime of peace and security, under justice and right, and under God. -Haile Selassie

Ethiopian & Rastafari
by Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.
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From EM

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"Ethiopians & Rastafari" by Esther S. Antohin


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I'll use this page as an introduction and/or preface for the book "H.I.M." (His Imperial Majesty). Believe me, I am more than anybody else would love this book to be finished. But there are several reasons why it's not done.
One of them is the path I went on -- "His Imperial Majesty" is not Haile Sellassie biography, not at all, but the story of the man, maybe the last man of Ethiopia -- and the majesty, yes, imperial majesty, of the ancient man...
Second, the inclusion of the story of my own family, which I see still has the shadow of the past over...


Will there be more chapters? I don't know. I have some notes about 1974, but maybe I should incorporate them into 1975.


I have to work on 1917, which has very different form -- the play, or even more radical -- hyperdrama.
2004 & After

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Ethiopian Books

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12.12.2003: maybe I can get to this project in 2004?
[beta.] Ethio Y2K

"An Ethiopian Boyhood"




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Book-in-progress? Still not finished...
Hyper-Biography (selected chapters):

ebook (contents) & cover page
1892: Birth of Tafari
1917: Ras Tafari
1930: Nega Negus
1935: War
1960: Lost Generation
1975: Death
2000: End

I didn't (and I don't) have time to work on the book. So, I placed a few selected chapters (drafts), covering the main points of Haile Sellassie life. The idea was to write web-book -- with pictures and sounds; something that only internet can offer....

Oh, the sweet dreams! If you read Post-AmeriKa or SELF, you know that I had to wake up... It was this dreadful Y2K, the last chapter of the book. So, I do not know about the web-book format; I would be lucky if I can finish the story in words -- without sounds and pix.

Oh, yes -- the story. The story has no ending; my family story and the big story, the history. One generation after his death Ethiopia still drifting in the dark and maddy waters of troubled times. Does anybody see her future? Every other year I keep hearing about a new famine...

Don't you want to say -- enough!

I guess, it is not enough. What is one generation? Nothing. The Jew know it for two thousand years; you still can see them on the nightly news being blown-up in Israel. What can I say to Ethiopians?

I would love this big shadow over my own children to go away -- and this is why I wrote this book. I would like to have a forgiveness for them, I would like the curse to be lifted off their lives. They are to begin their lives now...

Is it possible? I didn't write much about mercy. Well, I didn't write about many things I should. I am like you, readers. Do we really believe in curse of blood? Bad carma, maybe. Or bad luck.

What should I do? They are old enough now, 18 and 16, to understand the mysteries of time. One day they will read my writing -- and this day is near. Should I tell them that it is their turn to pay? Pay for what? Not this "blood" stuff again!

... Time and agin. Don't be silly, don't be Marxists or Americans. We are masters of our own fate only in a sense that free to choose to pay for the past and future. Or not to pay -- and you can see what does happened to those who do not want to pay. See how how another generation of Ethiopians will be wasted before your own eyes.

I am tired of this project; the first book in a pack of six -- I have other books to write, but I am stuck with this one. I can't tell the story of the century and my personal story without this book about the entrance into American Century (with all the other names given to it, including the Soviet period). I have to start with the transition from the ancient world before modernity, the crisis of history and slipping into the postmodern of the twenty first century and the third millenium.

Yeah, I have a lot of problems with that book, but without finishing it I have even more.

Anatoly, Summer 2003, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

PS. You have to come back, my friends, if you want to see the new texts. I say "friends" because readers are friends, they listen....


Please, leave your comments in our guestbooks. Thanks. Anatoly.

meskel-thesis04 Rastafari -- Ethiopian Perspective
Esther Sellassie Antohin
Department of Anthropology
University of Alaska Fairbanks

1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Background
4. Proposed research and conclusion
5. Theoretical Approaches
6. Methods
7. Questionnaire
8. Map

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