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Ethiopian ancient Rulers graved their names on the stars.

Tedla M.Gebeyehu from Canada

(Even the stars witness)

In Greek mythology we read of the great Ethiopian King,Cephus,whose fame was so
great that he and his family were immortalized in the stars. The wife of King
Cepheus was Queen Cassiopeia, and his daughter, Princess Andromeda. The star
groups of the celestial sphere, which are named after them are called the "
ROYAL FAMILY"-( the constellations:- CEPHEUS,CASSIOPEIA and ANDROMEDA.) It may
seem strange that legendary rulers of ancient Ethiopia should still have their
names graven on our star maps, but the voice of history gives us a clue.

A book on astrology attributed to Lucian declares that :- " The Ethiopians were
the first who invented the science of stars, and gave names to the planets, not
at random and without meaning, but descriptive of the qualities which they
conceived them to possess; and it was from them that this art passed, still in
an imperfect state, to the Egyptians."

The Ethiopian origin of astronomy is beautifully explained by Count Volney in a
passage in his RUINS OF EMPIRES, which is one of the glories of modern
literature. B.C.P.Pamphlet Series Ethiopia And The Origin Of Civilization. John

Good day.

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