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Project 2009 : I wish I could spend time editing my old film pages [after retirement], but have many other "projects" I have to work on.

Some of those new projects are film-related, but not so much instructional... "Film600 Pages" about film applications for philosophy/anthropology [ losely define ]. Visual Poetry or other way of thinking=feeling.

I am not sure what will come out of that collections of files and texts.

"After 2009" -- Virtual Theatre with Anatoly, first. Theatre LUL, AA, Ethiopia.

Film? Maybe later. 2011?

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There are pages to support the content pages; Service, Research, Teaching, for example. Or Notes, my notes on FN and plans for development. They should give some ideas what I had in mind organizaing the Film-North pages.

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I can't list everything in one place (I tried) and you haqve to navigate through the maze of my pages and directories. Since I am using them myself, I hope there are not that many errors and dead lisnks. If you see them, please, email. Anatoly 2002

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The first "help" page of Film-North is MAP. Also, see FAQ and new (2005) webpage Guide [ updates ].

Most of my notes are about the webpage; if you in my class, go to to your class directory (for example, THR334 Film & Movies). Assignments, tests, readings and etc. are overthere.


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2005: THR334 Film & Movies

THR334 is "W" class, writing intensive! You have to learn how to write about movies. In order to "write" and must learn "How to Read a Film" (the title of the textbook by Jim Monaco).

To write is to re-write! The outline of your paper (3-4 points in mainj body). First draft -- and the final draft.

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