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TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts + amazon.com/kindle
* Two Tarkovsky pages @ film.vtheatre.net: Mirror & Rublev (and "Sacrifice" doc hour) for Russian Cinema & USSR + in Russian *

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stage directing


dramatic literature

playscript analysis



* webmaster * Theatre w/Anatoly * Film Directing * vtheatre.net: new portal * Cinovid : database for experimental film and video art Description: Formerly called oVid, Cinovid is an online database for experimental film and video art. It is published by Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V., a German organization, which supports and funds film, art and media projects. The database provides information for each film such as director, title, year of production, country, cast and technical data, in addition to synopsis, press cuttings and publications. There are two search options available: a simple search by title or person, and an advanced search which contains the options to search by title, year and person, and the facility to browse under country, format, keyword and role. In addition there is a links page for further information on experimental films and video art. Some parts of the database are in German. Keywords: avant-garde, cinema, databases, experimental films, films, motion pictures, video art Type: Datasets; http://www.cinovid.org/

Film Study Group

2008 -- cine101 -- Lul-Film

... anatolant.vodpod.com -- film & cine101 [my last attempt to have video-place(s) online]

2008 -- playlists @ youtube.com/anatolant :

1. masters 15 Videos Fellini, Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, Bergman

2. 2008 27 Videos 334 film & Movies 2008 class -- Movies & Politics final project [titles] -- compare with "W." film.vtheatre.net/2008

3. directing 17 Videos directing class 2006 -- filmplus.org/film

4. film 19 Videos film classes 2006

5. Film & Movies [class] 20 Videos Film & Movies pages @ film.vtheatre.net [next : Fall'08]

6. film HISTORY 22 Videos film.vtheatre.net/fhistory

7. film study 27 film study -- film classes, see film and youtube.com/group/filmstudy

* kino 46 Videos new pages/directory -- filmplus.org/kino Russian Cinema Century 21

* cinema-ru 6 Videos film.vtheatre.net/ru vs. KINO ? Film vs. Movie [ XX century collection ]




Lul Theatre:

Glossary : Studio theatre refers to a small theatre space such as The Pit, London or the Studio Theatre Sheffield,Sheffield, seating between 80 and 200 people. The term is often used to distinguish between the main, proscenium arch space and the smaller space when these are housed in a single complex (eg The Pit). [W]


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