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From Russia XX

... of course, it's not about Putin, but the first decade of the 21st century.

3rd millennium ?

politics 08 [Elections]

... about SHAME: -- forget terrorism, what does it mean for one with no shame! The presence of the organization such as KGB (Party of this new type) excludes the very basis of shame.

It took Russia a century to form a man, who doesn't know this feeling. For 100 years Russians cross the line... Childrens of the Possessed are not possessed at all. Is anything left in them to be ashamed? The very thought of shame is a crime, shameful.

Not only in Russia, of course. [Post-America]

No-shame society, Russian specifics.

Feeling of Shame didn't exist before the Fall [Bible].

Here it is, Ger N -- uberman. Negagtion of nagation, looks like like a new animal. "Homosos" [Homo Soviticus], Zinoviev. Or post-Americans? [И получилось, что Совок - он и есть прогресс, и с ним не только бессмысленно бороться, но и преступно бороться, поскольку он - эволюционная вершина.]

That's why another NEW is needed -- neo? [individual] & [people]

Oh, Putin as a hero (model) vs. rapper. or ?

Should it continued in ANTOHINS ?

... Vladimir Putin [W]

Why my writing is no good:

If you read Generation, you would wonder where this Putin came from?

Good writer would know how...

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Век Антохиных
* socialism -- "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his work."
* communism -- "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
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The Possessed 2003
"Putin" is not his real name?

His real name? Really?


In text-only vesion there are three parts (Losers, Winners, Virtual Russia), but here (web-version) are only the fragments.

I don't know how long do we, you and me, have to wait, when this book will get its shape....


I remember Brezhnev.

I left Russia in order not to see his face.

Gorbachev? Of course, I know Gorbachev.

I know Yeltzin. Is it how to spell his name right in English?

... Putin -- do I have to know who Putin is?

Russian Book 1975 - 2005: Lost Manuscript * Потерянная Жизнь

His first name is Vladimir, like in "Waiting for Godot", Vova Putin. Vovochka, like in old anekdots, Russian jokes.


Fool's Book Restricted area (in Russian) :

... and "007"

2007 -- some personal records of the new millennium.

... You are not about to write it, do you?

Father "Russia", the widower's...

Of maybe she, the mother, left his?

You see, I don't know the story, how could I write about it?

... Does it matter now?

Person of the Year 2007 : Choosing Order Before Freedom

TIMES 2008 Albright is a former U.S. Secretary of State

"Leaders & Revolutionaries"!

Putin: Russia's Choice - Google Books Result by Richard Sakwa - 2004 - Political Science - 307 pages

... Vladimir Putin - Photo Essays - TIME


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Father-Russia WebBook : story of little Putin, good Russian boy

Самое разительное и показующее все дело, всю суть его, самую сутеньку — заключается в том, что “ничего, в сущности, не произошло”. Rozanov about 1917
Достоевский: “планета не пощадила Создателя своего”... What don't you understand, Russians?

... No mercy for anyone!

Never mercy!

* A few selected pieces from the draft of the book to see how to turn them into real "web" pages (webshow).
Revelation 13: Is the Antichrist Russian President Putin?

[ To be updated! ]

... Русское интеллигентское общество было целиком захвачено "Бесами", но никакие предупреждения автора этих "Бесов" не помогали ничему. Это стадо так и покончило свою бездарную и безмозглую жизнь: бросилось в омут революции. Но "Бесы" пока что остались живы....


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-- Antohin? I thought that he died.

-- Antohin? Who is he?

... The name is Putin.

... Tour Recalls the Leningrad of President Putin's Childhood : Born in Leningrad, six months before the death of Stalin, the young Putin experienced a poverty-stricken childhood tempered by a good education. He developed lifelong passions for judo and spy novels, and first applied to the KGB at the age of 17. When they told him to go away and come back with a degree, he complied with an efficiency that would later serve him well.

... "Putin as a Mirror of Russian Evolution"?

No, I won't write about Putin.

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logo книга дурака [2007 updates] : Putin was born in 1952 and Stalin died in 1953. They never met and didn't know each other.

Do I have to tell you, children, who Stalin was?


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