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Pomo Russia

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 07:42:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Princeps Vespasianus
Subject: Rising of the Fascim in Russia
Covering the last political events of Russia:
Optimizing of political structure, that have been created by the benevolent attitude of Communists to anti-democratical trends of Russian political bottom, as movements, leaded by Barkhashov and yet another one political charlatans as scandally famous *maletreated by critics* writer Limonov. A few events have happened on the political scene of Russia; first of all, the parade of fasists, what took plase on the last week.
"Russia is waiting for our political will" Barkhashov said. Due to the lack of valid activity of political system in Russia, insulted by jewish corrupting and malicious activity, russian nature is overwhelmed by the constantly increasing and deeping crisis. In these extreme conditions none of political forces can gain the political victory over others. It means that only political terrorism, supported by moneybugs can influence the present state of disordering turmoil, that turned the Post-soviet states into the "postmodern space"! If it is a such place where one can plant the subterranian stemms of rhizoms, no doubt it is Russia; blackhole, empty space to waste the huge moneyfunds of captal investments...
Who is this pomo Russian? Me?


March 25, 2000. What a sad story! The second election after the end of communism? They still have ONE candidate...

Well, that what are the ex-Soviets are about -- postmodern Russians, known in the West as "New Russians"... They are from the same family of POMO Americans, people without country... without roots and culture.

One of the favorites of my generation Alexandr Zinovyev wrote several good books about "Homo Sovieticus"... but like all of us he had no "world experience" to see that we, the Soviets, are indeed the post-humans. I haven't read "Society of Spectacle" or haven't heard of Foucault until I came to the States in 1980 and learn English. Too bad. We could notice that Marx was talking about postmodernity since 1848 and everything that we experienced in the Soviet Union is nothing short of the pure pomo universe.

Well, now so-called Russia is the way back to the present...

What can the New Russians (ex-Soviets) learn from the Post-Americans? You see the paradox? The communists made such radical move into POMO Conditions that it will take this so-called West another century to implement just major features of it. Of course, it was a social experiment! How else so many millions could be sacrificed? Well, should we study the data? Both Father-Russia and Post-America are about the same subject: Present as Past as Future...

What is that?

Soviets? There were the post-Russians! "New Russians"? They are the post-Americans?





Next: POV
libertarian I hope you read the book and understand that this pomo Russian, postmodern, post-Russian is me. I can't talk about the subject in Father-Russia, but I made a few more directories since I began posting "Russian Pages"...

BTW, the libertarian signs (left) here and there are to free the non-fiction writing from "politics" (see "Personal Politics"). Also, the facts, notes, references -- some are in the Russian American Theatre project (RAT). New -- antohins.vtheatre.net (about "Russia I lost," a century of my family in Moscow).

Well, there is more. The play, I am writing in Russian...

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Теперь тебе не до стихов, 
      О слово русское, родное! 
      Созрела жатва, жнец готов, 
      Настало время неземное… 
      Ложь воплотилася в булат; 
      Каким-то Божьим попущеньем 
      Не целый мир, но целый ад 
      Тебе грозит ниспроверженьем. 
     Все богохульные умы, 
     Все богомерзкие народы 
     Со дна воздвиглись царства тьмы 
     Во имя света и свободы! 
     Тебе они готовят плен, 
     Тебе пророчат посрамленье, – 
     Ты – лучших, будущих времен 
     Глагол, и жизнь, и просвещенье! 
     О, в этом испытанье строгом, 
     В последней, в роковой борьбе, 
     Не измени же ты себе 
     И оправдайся перед Богом… 
Ф. И. Тютчев 1854

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