View from the Third Millennium

50-50 ... soon. I am an American since 1980. I was 31 then.

... Сравнить две жизни и два года.

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"Two Years" : Two "Ws" -- webmaster against writer.

Re-reading "2007" pages : Antohins, Book of Fool & KINO

Any thoughts?

Сравнить "Английскую" страницу "2008" со страницей "Русской"...

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... and?

"Election" and After :

"Freedom is overrated!"

First, who does live in Russia, Inc. ? filmplus.org/politics/2008 + page "RU"


Who left New Russia -- data (where? RAT 2?)

... self and putin

From 2008

"After Solzhenitsyn" -- After USSR and After the End.

... After "Operation 'Georgia'" -- How Vlad fooled Michael and falling into a grave you digg for your enemy" -- a summer story.

"Street Smarties" in Kremlin.

The end of my diary.ru?

... "2008" pages -- they are the result of "2007" (web-year). I am not sure what took place with ME. Should I go back and look at myself from last summer?


History (revisited) -- "Russian Elections" is the silent point? The year when Russia accepted dictatorship? And what was my reaction? Old Russian in me -- did I notice it?

If Death of Russia is not reflected in me, what good was my defection?

What was my America Life was for?

... What did I missed?

It was very quiet -- "nothing happened" (too much nothing?)

I made my "number" pages in order to write down what was the most important -- so, what was THAT?


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After 2009?

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"Without Friends" : Без дружбы никакое общение не имеет ценности. - Сократ

I myself do not have friends anymore...

diary.vtheatre.net 2008

This page should be read together with PS : notes to booknotes.

Tzars had name "Father" (Batyushka) -- and the las Father of Russians was killed with his entire family in the summer of 1918.

Although Russia lost her sense of father long before that.

Then this place of Byzantines "king-priest-god" was given to Lenin, Stalin...

"Spiritual Father" (Godfather?) -- Tolstoy?

Solzhenitsyn had no chance of becoming even an uncle (Sasha), not after GULAG -- he should know it.

He didn't want to know.

2009 ?

From 2008
... I should sensed it a year ago, but, never-the-less, 2008 is year, when it is became visible that Russia, very much as USSR before, got on the path to nowhere. The dead end?

So it isn't Red Russia, but simply Russia got that death-wish a century ago? Somewhere BEFORE WWI the change from Mother-Russia to FR happened...

Do I see it?

Solzhenitsyn tried to write his "War and Peace" about this event... Maybe, Tolstoy was writing about it, too?

End of nonfiction, Anatoly? Ah? "Writing" again?

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Russian May


The My Last Russian Summer

Changes without change ... Raz-Putin, Two-Putin...

... how many rounds?

"Seven Lives of Russia" or "Nine Lives"?

In short, how many are left?

(Another) Media War -- Postmodern warfares [in Post-America] : Examples and new lessons.



russia.vtheatre.net/2007 and filmplus.org/politics/2008 "Choices" = Elections


Instead of writing about Solzhenitsyn, I made (3) slide shows :

Take 3 :

and one week later :


Shendrovich: Один — один

В день убийства Анны Политковской еду в позднем полупустом вагоне московского метро. Настроение соответствующее. Напротив сидит мрачный гражданин. Мы встречаемся глазами, и он говорит:

— Во беспредел!..

Я киваю, соглашаясь.

— У Израиля выиграть не можем! — заканчивает свою мысль опечаленный россиянин.


from russia.vtheatre.net/2008

NOTES for Russian Being in Father-Russia : Being Russian. [ Russian Being & Being Russia -- difference, important ]

Dostoevsky Code


When irrational makes sense.

What is ahead for Russia?

North Korea of the World?

What if we are about to consider PRIDE as historical category? [ It's economy, stupid? Not in Russia. ]

Two crimes committed by Raskolnikov (RUSkolnikov), but the they are over-written by the most important one for him -- against his will (the crime which Monarch cannot afford, according to K. Leontyev) -- Dostoevsky & KGB theme.

If Hitler manage to drive metaphysical Germans into the world catastrophe, Russians (50 years behind Germany, historical distance) can do it even better -- BIGGER.

Who else is capable of it?

Would Ivan IV with A-Bomb act? The ultimate sign of power, the poetry of being (Lotman about Decembrists).

What other national psyche is more suicidal?

Russian God is bigger than Allah...

"Different Path"? -- here it is! Death. Very orthodox.

Smerdyakov kills his father, frames his half-brothers, and kills himself -- fits Putin's profile.

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