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большая часть заработанных в России киноденег возвращается в Лос-Анджелес ...


Российские зрители оказались пожирателями сюжетов...

Политическая формула «Россия — правопреемница СССР» не распространяется на законы, управляющие жизнью искусства... Really? Maybe on the contrary?

... "Russian Dreams"

Послесоветское русское кино родилось слишком поздно и потому оказалось лишенным детства.


Lenin, Circus and Kino [ first, read Book of Fool (ru) ]


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* 2008's POV : looking back -- what if not from one year distance, but one century, would it be obvious -- wrong and right? And history would say -- Russia and Russians were wrong. And this is why they are no more.

From Russia XX

... Summary: My web-year, Ethiopian Millennium and Russian Pages --

Writing in Russian is a strong indication that I gave up on me making it in English. Or even -- making it. Period.

Thoughts (and decision) of retirement.

Will it make any difference, if I write in Russian?

I doupt it.

What difference?

More readers?

Ten times more?

Improbable, but what difference (financially?) would it make?

100 times?


Ten years later my webpages still are MY (only) pages.

If I didn't want to play by the rules (including academia), what result should I expect?

Even if I would manage to turn my Father-Russia notes into a book, who will read it? In English, Russian -- doesn't matter.

"Writer" as a mirage from the past. As in the aristoratic period -- hobby...

To fight with your own fate? Feel lucky that you still can do it.

... Amateur.

Especially, if I am not about to tell stories.

Vasily Rozanov lived on 2.000 subscribers. With his big family. Two thousand copies? They say "full" Solzhentsyn will be printed in 3K...

Not sure that I was born after the end (of history)?

I lived with this thought since ninth grade.

... well, I continue to write one (big) page "2007" in many directories. What do I see ahead? "2008" -- write-year? What possibly can I "write"? Pre-history left us no "diaries"; what "notes" are needed for post-history? Darkness and silence. "Mother-Russia" gave birth to this... what?

... writing from the future (2008): another look at Russia and myself -- recollections. Maybe my notes in Russian?

"What was the Most important event of the year 2007?" Google answers are at the bottom -- and youtube.com !

Do you think we know better today what is important and what is not?

Do we know more, if you know less about ouselves>

Oh, the Dark Ages of the Electronic Light! Dark, dark -- so dark is inside the light!

Why should the Russians know?

Do we know?

... iPhone, the devil take you!

We listen music all the time in order not to hear ourselves!

More noise!

More news!

More stuff!

More, more!


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I cannot finish anything, because I can't start anything.

NEW: NEW -- in Russian: play *

... What took place then, 40 years ago?

Summer 1968. Chicago, Paris, Prague.

Only seven went to the Red Square to protest.

And who protected against their prison sentences?

... filmplus.org/rus : 2008 Book of Fool [en]



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... Do you still have questions?

... all right, read filmplus.org/politics/ru -- about 2007 and 2008 "Elections" in Russia.

... and in antohins.vtheatre.net ?

What else do you need to know about Russia?

... sad? sorry?


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... Do you understand?





Okay, watch it ...

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What? You won't write about Russian "elections"?




Not a word?


What was the Most important event of the year 2007?

Some links from Google :

http://ginacobb.typepad.com/gina_cobb/2007/12/democracyrules.html -- DemocracyRules’ 10 Most Important Events of 2007 [ from some Jim ]
http://endpovertyinsouthasia.worldbank.org/top-ten-events-2007 -- "their" view

What are some of the most important events that happened in 2007? From Yahoo :

Definitely apple keynote, the release of a new innovating technology, IPHONE... you can do it yourself, the search.

A plurality of Americans (23%) cite Iraq as the single most important news event of 2007, but significantly fewer named Iraq as the year's top event than did so in 2006 (34%). Pew surveys have shown that public attentiveness to the war, which was extensive early in 2007, declined later in the year. Aside from Iraq, no single event stood out in the public's view as the most important in 2007. Overall, 4% volunteered natural disasters and the weather and 3% cited the home mortgage crisis, with smaller numbers naming other stories. In 2006, the midterm election was mentioned by 12% as the most important news event, by far the highest percentage for any other story except Iraq. The public's retrospective view of the year's most important news event differs from news interest, which the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press tracks on a weekly basis. By that measure, the rising price of gasoline and the Virginia Tech University shootings were the top stories of 2007. [Pew]

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