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Film Study Group I didn't plan to work on film textbooks, not now at least. I only arranged the directories in the old fashion way, as eBOOKS. It helps me to stay organized.



From Amazon: Directing: Shot-by-Shot

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2006 Textbook: Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics, Third Edition (Paperback) by Michael Rabiger 0240805178 (THR470 Film Directing)

Artistic Identity

The Job of the Director
Identifying Your Themes as a Director
Developing Your Story Ideas

Screen Grammar
Seeing with a Moviemaker's Eye
Shooting Projects

Writing * The Screenplay * The Process of Writing * Adaptation from Art or Life * Story Development Strategies * Scene-Writing Exercises * Checklist

* Aesthetics and Authorship * Point of View * Genre, Conflict, and Dialectics * Structure, Plot, and Time * Space, Stylized Environments, and Performances * Form and Style * Checklist



Preproduction * Interpreting the Script * Casting * Directing Actors * Actors' Problems * Improvisation Work to Explore Acting * Exercises with a Text * Rehearsal and Development * Director and Actor Prepare a Scene * Final Rehearsals and Planning Coverage * Checklist
Production * Developing a Crew * Mise en Scene Basics * Getting Ready to Shoot * Directing the Crew * Monitoring Progress * Checklist
Postproduction * Preparing to Edit * Editing the First Assembly * Editing from Rough Cut to Fine Cut * Editing: Finalization * Editing from Fine Cut to Sound Mix * Titles and Acknowledgments * Checklist
Career Track * Planning a Career * Major International Film/Video Schools * Breaking into the Industry * Checklist

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Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics is a comprehensive manual that teaches the essentials of filmmaking from the perspective of the director. Ideal for film production and directing classes, as well as for aspiring and current directors, Directing covers all phases of preproduction and production, from idea development to final cut. Thoroughly covering the basics, Directing guides the reader to professional standards of expression and control, and goes to the heart of what makes a director. The book outlines a great deal of practical work to meet this goal, with projects, exercises.

The third edition emphasizes the connection between knowing and doing, with every principle realizable through projects and exercises. Much has been enhanced and expanded, notably: aspects of dramaturgy; beats and dramatic units; pitching stories and selling one's work; the role of the entrepreneurial producer; and the dangers of embedded moral values. Checklists are loaded with practical recommendations for action, and outcomes assessment tables help the reader honestly gauge his or her progress. Entirely new chapters present: preproduction procedures; production design; script breakdown; procedures and etiquette on the set; shooting location sound; continuity; and working with a composer. The entire book is revised to capitalize on the advantages offered by the revolutionary shift to digital filmmaking.

[ Companion Web Site for Directing -- focalpress.com ] http://film.vtheatre.net/doc/rabiger.pdf -- 1st chapter download

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Burton - Film Mining

Yes, I am talking about my own online textbooks. I made them while teaching the classes. You can make use them. For example, in this directory you see Actors page, one page only, but you can go to System of the Method: Director's Recipes for Method Actors, or to Biomechanics for Actors: Meyerhold Online (I teach Intermediate Acting and will be working on BM pages).

There is also StageMatrix -- directing for the stage. If you need more in depth understanding of mise-en-scene to block the motion in front of the camera, go there. THR331 Fundamentals of Direction course is a prerequisite for Film Directing class).

And Film & Drama class... and Playscript Analysis of the Century about the dramatic structure. And 200X Aesthetics -- theatre, art and music THROUGH film. And...

That's the main ones.

[ Film textbooks are not on my list, not now. ]


I open my first website over three years ago, I bet it will take another three years before the pages mature.

"Where can I download the full texts?" Nowhere. I don't have them, the full texts.

"When do you update your pages?" When I teach the class; check Theatre UAF for next year classes (University of Alaska Fairbanks), or subscribe to my mailing list!


See classes and online syllabus for each in Classes Directory

Also, see your eGroup/Forum!


I teach full time, I direct and I write -- Anatoly-webmaster is only here to serve the above people: instructor, director, writer. I wish I could spend some time to finish the textbooks, but my summers are taken by other writing projects -- nonfiction, plays...

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