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2006 updated

First Tests (no-grade)

Tests on textbook reading (200 words pass-fail mini-reviews)

Hometake tests


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There are several archive tests pages film directing related: test, test1, 470test, film&drama exam, f&d test2 (samples).

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Recommended books (short list)

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Textbook Reading test (2006)

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2006 -- class
If you do not miss classes, read the textbook, do your homework -- the tests will be easy. Read the webpages for Directing class, read the tests (samples), read the archive messages from the previous class -- everything you need to know is out there.

You do not have any background in acting, read acting pages. If never directed anything on stage -- stage directing (Stagematrix). Never wrote anything? Start writing your short movie right now (on the first day of classes). More drafts you have, better the grade.

I grade the progress, not talents; challenge yourself!

Must know the termilogy (take other film classes, see 200X Aesthetics and Film analysis).

I try to put everything on the Internet, to save ourselves time in class for exer. and discussions. Use the links. Home tests are "hometake."

Post your "director's resume" (first week), for me and everybody in class to know where you are coming from (required).

groups.yahoo.com/group/yahoo-cls-directing class egroup

First Test

[ post on class egroup ]

No-grade Test

Name_____________ Date____________

Script. 1. What is dramatic composition?

2. What is the climax of the story? Give example.

3. What are the functions of the exposition?

Film. 1. What is purpose of any long shot?

2. What do producers do?

3. What is the difference between films, movies, cinema and cinematography?

Editing. 1. What is "continuety"?

2. What is "montage"?

3. What is "cut"?

Review the webpages before the tests!

[ also, THR334 Film analysis tests and 200X Aesthetics -- see directories! ]

In addition to the screening of the shorts. (See PS page).

film analysis pages @ film.vtheatre.net

Glossary, Hyperlinked to the Subject pages
Required and recommended viewings (list)


Editing Test: Triangle Principle, Movement Continuety, Part Two -- cases.

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Ask in class or post on Directing Forum!

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Study Memorise the Terminology!


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