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2009 :

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    Film Directing *
    Keeping Track of Ideas: The idea, the essential part of the story, should be jotted down immediately it enters one's mind; then add to and enlarge upon it until the plot is sufficiently fixed in the mind to allow it to be written out. The first thought is the real beginning and ending, but the spreading out and explaining and connecting it with the entire theme of the picture are as necessary to the completion and fitness of the plot as is the idea itself. [ from Photoplay ]

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    ShowCases: 3 Sisters, Mikado, 12th Night, Hamlet, The Importance of Being Earnest, Dangerous Liaisons, Don Juan
    prof. Anatoly Antohin Theatre UAF AK 99775 USA
    Review for the final exam:

    1. Production cycles, professions, responsibilities

    2. Cinematography terms

    3. Editing techniques

    4. Analysis: episode, script (see Edit page for questions).

    Review the previous tests, please.


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    "I can't go on. I'll go on." - Samuel Beckett
    cine101.com -- After 2009
    The real learning is always outside of classroom and always life-long. Watching movies must be trasformed into "reading films" -- if you want to learn every time I see something on the screen. Believe it or not, this is a matter of habit. You just keep asking questions... and try to aswer them. Analysis = taking it apart. Remember, "segmentation"! What is the story? How does characters work (not work) for the conflict? How it is expressed visually? Is exposition done right? Was everything we need established?

    This class should give some ideas about what kind of questions to ask. Think what you like and do not like about the movie. Don't stop there -- ask yourself, why you like or don't like it. What was it? Script? directions? Acting? Cinematography? Try to separate one from the other, if you indeed want to continue your investigation. Ask yourself, how could be done differently, how could could be done better, how you would do it? Treat it as your own film. Any film. All of them. Imagine that you were called in to fix the movie. What would you do first? Can you improve it without reshooting? Could it edit differently? Rearrange the shots? Through some away...

    Can you recognize the great film story, reading newspaper? Watching news? Can you see the great character in the real person? Write down the great lines (the ones you like) you hear. Take notes, while you watching any movie. Get yourself this special director's notebook.

    Talk about what you see.

    What I am talking about is the director's homework. Your work on yourself. This is invisible work. Who would know what inspired this shot ot that scene? A pinting I saw? Music? Picture of the night city? Poetry? Remember that a film is your conversation with somebody you want to share your feelings and your thoughts. Good film is a story told without explainations and words; you simple let me see what you see. It has to be YOURS, it has to personal. Great art is always a confession, the secrets shared with the stranger, who is a position of a priest. You transfer your memories and visions into shots and sequiences... but remember me, remember that I have to understand you.

    Trust me, if you will have this attitude, if you will try to improve any great film, you can be a filmmaker. Watch the masterpieces; your admiration for great works is the first step in learning the craft.


    I make PS pages from the start to keep in mind where I have to arrive.

    Of course any webpages are always "under construction" and can't be completed by the nature of the Internet/Web. Besides, we are a few years away from the full streaming video technologies, which could make online filmmaking classes possible.

    The Film Directing 2001 class is almost over... I teach HR331 Fundamentals of Direction in the Spring 2002 (required for THR470), so, you can go to the place, where directing starts.

    Use the banners to move between my main directories; click on!
    I have 2 1/2 film only directories: Film Analysis (banner above), 200X Aesthetics: Arts Through Movies and Fim Directing 101 (plus, the main directory Film-North).


    Several great filmmakers I use as showcases in Film Analysis class, here are only the images (clickable).

    Spring 2004: the texts were born online and they their own life, they grow. They keep growning because of my mistakes, which I need to correct, and my my broken promices. I thought that here I won't film acting at all; I have four acting directing already. Surprise, surprise -- I started over new six pages on "actung with the camera"!


    If you are a webmaster, you know how much work does it take to make real pages and especially on such a subject as filmmaking. So, all I can do at the moment is to post my notes with the minimum graphics. The texts do have priority in my mind -- and there are many files that are still not on the web.


    I will connect to other PS pages (like in Film-North, or Theatre w/Anatoly). Some pages are overloaded (more like chapters), some stay small, some need more development. Dec. 2001 (In class: compare Stage and Screen Directing, back to the public/spectator theory). Yes, subscribe and stay updated!
    Next: Fundamentals of Direction: STAGEMATRIX
    Do you see the long list of topics (bellow)? When I will have time to link them all? Who knows?

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    sample of film program:



    Production Goals

    Write, Direct, Digitally Edit Four Short non-synchronous 16mm Films.
    Be Cinematographer, Gaffer, and Assistant Camera on your crew’s films.
    Write short film script with dialogue (for 2nd semester production)
    Write, Direct, and Edit a digital documentary.

    Learning Goals
    Learn art and technique of visual storytelling including directing, cinematography, editing, and post-production sound design.
    Learn fundamentals of digital video production and digital editing.
    Survey of cinema studies with focus on craft, genre, and elements of storytelling.
    Fundamental training in acting craft for director.
    Immersion in screenwriting craft.


    Production Goals

    Direct and edit a sync-sound narrative film of up to 15 minutes. (16mm or digital)
    Direct and edit a Music Video or Commercial. (16mm or digital)
    Participate as crew member on fellow students’ films and group projects.
    Shoot and edit scenes on 35mm film using Panavision cameras.
    Create director’s reel to showcase all your work from the entire program.

    Learning Goals

    Advanced filmmaking craft including directing (especially directing actors), producing, sync-sound production, color cinematography, editing and sound design.
    Learn fundamentals of 35mm.
    Develop strategy for pursuing filmmaking after the end of the program.

    NYC Film Academy -- http://www.nyfa.com/workshops/OneYear_Frameset.html
    Each semester = $12.5K
    DIGITAL FILMMAKING Students continue in their craft classes as they begin to direct, shoot, and edit a digital documentary up to twelve minutes. They will learn how to get the best possible image, working with the Sony PD150 cameras, shooting on DVCAM tape, and editing on digital non-linear Apple G-4 Final Cut Pro stations. Camera and Lighting classes help students master the digital medium including white balance, shutter speed, focus, video latitude, gels, and filters. Students learn to get professional quality sound with Sennheiser microphones. Director's craft class will prepare students for their documentary project. Students become confident working with digital dialogue and sound editing as they edit their documentaries.

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