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It is only when I am doing my work that I feel truly alive. - Federico Fellini

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It's business, an investment, the money, which must make money.



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Guilty, I play this game with my students. I ask -- who is your producer?

Here is a long pause.

So, I ask -- What is your budget?

You understand, right?

"How much did you pay for this course?"

Oh, they know it! Good. You are invested that much and you have a partner -- href=http://www.uaf.edu>University of Alaska. But there is a little problem -- you payed to learn, not to produce your movies (the Tish grad school asked in the early 80s to put five big one before you can get enrolled -- for the student film you have to make at the end of first year).

Do you follow me?

In "10 Commandments for Film Directors" I should another one -- NEVER PUT YOUR OWN MONEY INTO YOUR OWN MOVIE!

"You are crazy, Anatoly!" I can read in their eyes. I am not. This is why the most of them will never be filmmakers.

Definition of a Producer: A Producer is someone who initiates a project and oversees it from the conceptual stage through completion. Some producers function as entrepreneurs, answering to themselves. Other are employee-producers, working for an employer such as a film studio or an independent production company. They often function as Loan Out Companies, loaning out their services to management for a designated credit and fee.


Believe it or not, producer is a director's best friend.


Why? Because this is show BUSINESS. You do not have to be a producer, but you must understand HOW the producer's mind works. Budget limitations could teach you be creative; most best solutions are artistic (ideas = cheap).


Find the time to write about why do you want to make movies? If you on the top of the list "Fame and Money" -- you could be a producer (if money are more important). If there is "money" on your list, ask yourself, who will pay for this baby? If you serious about filmmaking, you have to understand that your film and you yourself are the commodities. Yes, like pork, coffee, beans! You will traded, there will be all the trick of the commodity market and more.


It's the fact. You are the producer of your own (first) movies and you better get ready for it. Nothing could be done. It's YOUR baby. What to do?
Get yourself a good crew! Surround yourself with the people, willing to work! Delegate! Make them feel that this is THEIR movie.
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The Role of The Producer: Most people are confused when they see the various producer categories that are listed on-screen. Here is a breakdown of some of the various producing credits and functions:

Executive Producer: An Executive Producer supervises one or more producers in the performance of all of his/her producer functions on single or multiple productions. For example, all television series producers answer to the Executive Producer.. The same rule generally applies to motion picture production.

The Executive Producer of a television series often functions as the Head Writer, rewriting or polishing the episodic scripts for one-hour shows and in some instances, half-hour sitcoms.

Co-Producer: A Co-Producer is usually someone who works under the supervision of a producer or Executive Producer. For example, someone who has acquired the rights to a property such as a book or a screenplay will often be assigned the role of Co-Producer in acknowledgement for helping to package and sell the project.

Line Producer: The Line Producer is a nuts and bolts hands-on person who is responsible on behalf of management for overseeing the crew and day-to-day operation of the production from pre-production, commencement of Principal Photography, through the Wrap of the shoot. Sometimes, the Unit Production Manager (UPM) will be assigned the dual roles of UPM and Line Producer for a given shoot, in which case that person will receive on-screen credit both as UPM and Line Producer and also be compensated for both functions.

Associate Producer: An Associate Producer performs one or more producer functions which are delegated to him/her by a producer, working directly for and under the supervision of the producer of record. The Associate Producer is also someone who is a nuts and bolts person, working under the jurisdiction of the Line Producer.

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