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    PR is Public Relations. Director must be PR. Film is not medium. It's mass medium! You deal with the crouds, the masses. Millions! If don't understand or don't want it, write poetry.

    First, I do not watch my own shows. There is withdroal pain and you want me to suffer more, to see the scene after scene, which I want to rework and make it BETTER? I do it for the actors, because I teach them. With the film it is even worse! Nothing, absolutely nothing you can do. "Next time, yes, next time!" I repeat like drug addict, "The idea I have is much much better!" You are directing your next film already and they want you to talk about the past!

    And I said, you have to learn this art of praising yourself, but look very modest. Doesn't matter what you think about your film, under no surcumstances, you CAN NOT put it down. You have the best -- best story, best actors, best movie!

    Even if you make "underground" or "experimental" films, you are in the mass media BUSINESS. Lean more about the salemanship! Don't make too much of it -- just another skill.

    So, what do you sell? How do you do it?

    The traditional formula: yourself, your company, your product.

    No in this order only! Especcially, in show business. Watch again something like Jay Leno (some of his guests are good in selling, and some are not). do you understand why the "small talk" is always first? Because you have to "open them up" (the consumers). They must not see that you have a target -- the "closing"! Very much like movies themselves -- manipulation! Only the target is different (get them to the movie-theatres and spend the money). so, they have to like you. So, Jay starts with the little and personal things (the warming up" stage). Only when THEY like you, you can move to the next stage -- selling the company...

    What company, Anatoly? This is my student film! I have no company!

    Wrong. I say to my students -- do you know that one question you will be facing for long time?

    Yes, Alaska. Sell it. Do they believe that ANY filmmaking take place in the frozen tundra? Do you your story ready?

    BTW, did you notice that the warmup session, Jay move on the cast, director, the novel script is based on (if famous) -- this is the "company" stage. What make your product (and you are so unique and special). ONLY AFTER YOU SOLD THE COMPANY, YOU CAN MOVE TO THE THIRD STAGE -- THE PRODUCT.

    Listen, not you are darling and would like to have you for a dinner or party, your company is great and desirable, but the film you have...

    So, what about that commodity which can give me 1000% retuen on my money with a year!

    Did you hear what I said? Go to your bank ask them for most agreesive, most risky investments and see how much you can get. Honestly, I am surprised that the movie industry exists. Because the possible return is unreal. It's like investing in somebody who plays lotto!

    But it exists! It lives!

    But what about the closing, Anatoly?

    Are you a "closer"? Can you close the deal?

    Look, some of us are good "openers" -- some good "screeners" or "closers"... Remember, director must know something about everything (in film) and everything about directing. no, you don't have to know chemistry or physics, but not to know PR is dangerous. You must be really lucky, kid, if you know nothing about selling (and it's anti-American, of course)!