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I cornered myself; I made pages (like this one) I have no interest working on. Is it important? Yes. But so many things in film industry you can learn only by doing it. Last month: I have to run the workshops, because it has to be groupwork...


Indie Feature Filmmaking: Financing Movies Putting Together Your Indie Deal Distribution Foreign & Domestic Festivals & Industry Buzz Directing Features vs. TV Final Cut Completion Bonds Structuring An Indie Deal Private Financing/Reality Selling Your Finished Film Preparing Trailer & Artwork Distribution: Foreign & Domestic The Markets Festivals & Media Self-Promotion Career Building Creating Your Industry Buzz

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How Bad Do You Want It? The Passion Of Filmmaking The Fastest Way To Direct Agents & Managers How To Prepare A Director's Reel


Part 5: switch the mode of operation -- you are not an artist anymore, but a showman!
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"You're only as good as your last picture." ~ Marie Dressler, Words from the Stars, 2001

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If you read Producer page, you know that after Post-Production there is another cycle, selling your film. This is why I made the PR page; you don't have to be a professional agent, but you must know something about it, so you can find a good one to work for you.

Remember the motto? "Director must know something about all, all about directing!" Yes, keep it mind from the very start. No, not at the top of the list of your priorities, but it gets there after you have the final cut. What else can you do for baby now? Give it a good run.

Best advise: relax, man!

Play it.

This is not your "baby" anymore, it is their! Accept it.

Get pregnant again, work on the next project. You are dead -- and the only way to live again is to be born again...


The social games. Must learn, must play. PPP is "your" business, do the acting.

Read the quotes from Lao Tse; I placed them on those pages for that reason -- distance yourself from your film. Think about your next love.


Look at your phone book, open, go through -- who do you know and who knows you. Write a list, who do you want to know do you think should see your film. Now, write down how can you get them! Plan A, plan B, plan C...
This is an industry, kid. One right connection, one good call could save years of labor. Treat this stage of the process as a serious business. But with humor, after all you got the movie already.



Take notes. Read your director's diary. See why some things are not done -- planning problems, priority? Remember that with every stage of making movies your priority list keeps changing!

Think about you, the artist in you -- he does need your attention and love.

This page is for "producers" in your groups. This is why a producer must be involved in all stages of making a movie. Producers are for the outsider-insider oversee of the process. They are the ones to make it "work"! Too many aspects must be under control and directors are too close without their artistic agenda. How to balanced art and market?
more @ questions & etc.

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