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2008 -- I do not think I will be teaching this class again. I am thinking about not teaching at all (retirement).

I do not know if I have time or interest in completing those notes for classes.

Theory - yes. Two projects I want to continue to work on -- POV and Film600

Film Analysis -- Fall'08 (last course) is at film.vtheatre.net

Summer project -- New Russian Cinema [ru]


FILM directing * 101 * 2006 *
subjects : direct * concept * script * analysis * camera * shot * cut * edit * light * sound * color * montage * semiotics * movies * films * books *

All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography. - Federico Fellini

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2007 film classes :

THR332 Video directing fundamentals (new)

Key Pages: Montage



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Into, FILM Directing Class

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If you read Title page, you know that this directory is to assist my THR470 Film & Video Directing class. Every time I teach it, I change it.
This is why I need those webpages, my friends. To be organized!

I ruled out the online teaching, the web is only to support LIVE class. Who knows how long will it take to get to virtual teaching. No, it's not the question of technology, no -- the problem is the content. So, I have to take it step-by-step.

What do I mean?

You are welcome to be a part of the actual class, but if you want to take it for a credit, you should write to our UAF administration: CLA dean, admissions, president, God...

I do not know how the others do it. Even when I teach it on campus, I use smart classrooms or TV studio -- so, I wrote a basic budget for online Film Directing class (for myself). Two more live cameras (who will operate them -- not the students in class), the editor (to cut live)... You see, three people to pay. It could be my film majors, but they have to have $8/hour min. Do you want to know about the budget for live webcasting equipment? Thanks to DOD, we have the sixth bigest mainframe computer in USA (Russia and China across the water), but who will monitor the storage of the big digital files from the class?

Yes, kids, it's all about the money. If you want to make films, this issue will hunt you to your grave.

Think about it -- can the University of Alaska Fairbanks compete with the major film industry companies? Or the big corporation? They put their (training) online classes like crazy! IBM, MS, GM...

Hey, the good news: your children will have it and it will be very expensive. Good human things cost a lot. The real great things are for free.

It doesn't really matter when you do your film studies, before, during or after you shot your first movie. Usually, you do it before, during and after... How much can you learn about color and sound without shooting your own film? It will be a knowledge of color and sound in Kurosawa or Tarkovsky...

Yes, you must learn how Kurosawa works with color; save yourself time, study masters! And in addition, study color with Rafael, read Tolstoy, see great shows, study Mozart... because you about to discover your own sense of color and sound. You have to teach yourself how YOU feel color and sound -- and nobody can do for, you yourself only!

Usually, it takes the whole life... Eisenstein

[ list on movies and films (segments) to show in class: see film.vtheatre.net -- things you must do on your own (watch the entire movies). ]

[ maybe I should start the class by showing Citizen Kane ]


1. Film Language.

2. Parallel Film Editing (Montage)

3. The Basic Tools

4. The Triangle Priciple (26-49)
Line of Interest

5. Two Players (50 - )

[ review "floor plan" in class + Dostovesvky's "Crime and Punishment = one player, two players ]


Here you I will try to collect all the new terms introduced in the lesson, and overall review what was covered. Reviews are for the tests.

Study questions (on the right -- later)...


What you should be doing for the next class. Please, read the textbook in advance; it will save us a lot of time.
[ Haiku in class and the storyboarding for next class ]


No one travels
Along this way but I,
This autumn evening.

Task: One shot, two shots, three... images.

Next class: Your favorite shot (bring it for analysis)


Must -- the online class, please go to Directing Online and subscribe yourself. all -- post your bio.
Next: Part I

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Oh, you are in the rush?

You are to busy to learn?

I see.

You like to watch.

Here we go (left)...

[ no sound, sorry! ]


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