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If you've ever seen a screenplay, you'll notice that the story is broken down into scenes. This is all a screenwriter is responsible for. It's the director's job to break the screenplay down into a shooting script (the numbered scenes indicate that the script is a funded project). Since the script is already broken down into scenes, you must break it down further into shot coverage. This means every camera angle, every single "shot" of your scene coverage must be defined. This is what you base your storyboard upon. Each shot is based upon the scene number, followed by a letter. The letters designate the exact shot within each scene. Also, two letters, I and O should be skipped because they look a lot like zero and one to an editor trying to read a slate on film. After you've finished crafting the shooting script, you'll have completely made this movie at least once in your head and eliminated some problems. 4.5.2 SHOOTING SCRIPT

... "A breakdown script, or just "breakdown," is written before any filming has begun so that everyone comes to the set prepared and no time is wasted. The breakdown is a very detailed list of everything required for the shooting of a film, organized scene by scene and day by day. Separate elements of the shooting script are rearranged and grouped in a sequence that is most convenient for shooting and therefore more beneficial to the budget. The usual categories are exteriors and interiors, night or day shots, and sound or silent sequences (nowadays a silent sequence is usually one that will have music mixed in the soundtrack, muting any other sound). All the shots to be filmed on one location are grouped together, as are sequences that require particular props, costumes, special lighting or sound recording equipment, or the presence of extras or other lesser-important members of the cast. The breakdown is necessary because it helps the director plan his shooting schedule and prevents unforeseen omissions or needless duplications of shots. The person who is responsible for the breakdown script is the assistant director." ***

"The experience of making a movie is better and more important than the film itself." - JOHN HUSTON (Director/Screenwriter of The Maltese Falcon and The African Queen; Director/ Producer of the Asphalt Jungle; Director/Producer/Screenwriter of Moby Dick)


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