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"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes." - Robert Altman

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No, this is not a distance learning course. My notes for class I teach from time to time. Anatoly


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    2007-2008 --


    2005: Fall -- Film & Movies
    2006: Film Directing

    Is this class for me? Check youtube.com/t/video_toolbox! If you understand everything, read the directing.filmplus.org pages.

    FAQ pages ... They are in each directory for one purpose -- what you can find and what you will never find on my webpages (because it's not there).

    Information on schools, programs, other than mine classes (but I have some links (main) and the Mining Film directory) and etc.

    How to use this FILM directory: I organized it around the production cycles and trying to connect its 'ages with the subject webpages. For example, Part I. Scripting is connected with the "writing pages" -- dramatic analysis, laws of composition, structure and so on.

    Taking THR470 Film Directing without go through THR331 Fundamentals of Directions is a losing proposition; we do not have time learn how to work with the text and actors, we hardly have time to learn how to work the camera! The same with THR331 -- I ask students to take THR215 Dramatic Literature first. Also, THR331 directing class is requires THR121 Fundamentals of Acting.

    FILMmaking **

    Director must know something about everything and everything about something...
    What is the last "something"?

    Eisenstein, master-teacher... There many guest-artists in this class, too.
    Kurosawa, Bergman, Fellini... www.FetchBook.Info: New & Used Books
    Find the Lowest Price - Compare more than a hundred book stores, 60,000 sellers, in a click.


    Theatre UAF is not FILM SCHOOL, we have only a minor in film and emphasis in Theatre BA.

    How to use Directing ONLINE course @ Yahoo? This is new and plan to use it only when I teach directing classes live (Spring 2002 -- THR331 Fundamentals of Directions is focused on Stage Directing).

    How to use Directors Forum? I have several open lists for my classes and productions, the Directors Forum is grew into a list of cyber-people who use my websites -- and I (and they) use it for news, calls, annoncements.

    See STAGEMATRIX for more on directing!

    [ 2006 updates ]


    Links to other FAQ pages! Other "old" pages in main directory: Help, Map and Sum Fellini
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    Film Schools, Books, Links & my very deep film philosophy:

    2005 * After so many years of webbing I cannot change the nature of my webpages -- they are what they were from the start; notes, thoughts, points I make for myself for classes and productions. Do they have an independent existence? Maybe, somewhere in the future...
    @2001-2003 film-north * Film-Books * Prof. Anatoly Antohin Theatre UAF Fairbanks AK 99709 USA ffaga@uaf.edu * * 200x: Art Through Movies + film-analysis Forum

    film-analysis yale *

    2005 * As you noticed, I gave up on "How To Use" Anatoly's webpages. Use the search "filmplus.org" and/or "vtheatre.net" (Google) at the bottom!

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    2005 updates: Small Chekhov Fall * "Four Farces & One Funeral" -- Chekhov.05
    Chekhov's one-acts are updated -- The Bear, The Proposal (1st act -- Oh, Love!), Wedding, Tobacco (Act II -- Ah, Marriage!), but I'm still working on the "funeral" (Last Day of Anton Chekhov). mini-chekhov
    I am teaching DramLit -- groups.yahoo.com/group/dramlit (subscribe) and see THR215 for subjects, topics, titles.
    Spring 2006 -- Waiting for Godot, Beckett -- new pages ( see shows )
    more polls @ questions & etc.

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