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On Directing Film by David Mamet

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2004 new: Acting in Movies
Glenda Jackson: Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you thought of them that instant.
2004-2006 updated

Having done 300 television shows and almost 60 movies, I'm tired of having guys who are younger than some sandwiches I've had, telling me to turn left at the couch. There's no appreciation of actors and no sense of history. ~ Burt Reynolds

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FILM Directing Don't

The last thing I want is to be (in a film role) is obvious, direct and offensive. ~ Bill Murray
I came to a conclusion that I better have this page - DO NOT DO IT!

Why? Because "How To Do it" doesn't answer the most important issue -- the mistakes you are about to make. So, I am to give you THE TEN COMMANDMENTS of Film Director!

One example, read Crew page; the commandment (I will number them later): DO NOT DO EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF!

In fact, you should do NOTHING. They should do everything!

You see what I see? Most of you want to write the script for YOUR film -- do it with somebody else together, friends. One director's hat is more than you can have!

Do not produce your movie!

Do not manage it!

Do not shoot your film!

Do not edit it yourself!

Do not act in it!

Mind your own business -- direct!

I feel that I better put the Tao quotations for you, directors!

Anatoly: Sir, what you want to say to class?

Eisen: Don't be stupid. Be silly, but not stupid. Be an artist, a combination of open mind and common sense. Like a child, who is this perfect learning machine. What does child learn and remember -- things that do make sense. How does he knows what to learn -- the trials and errors. I never graduate from any film school (they didn't exist when I started) -- and as the result I had to study film all my life. This is how learn about myself.


subjects to avoid (p.39)

* Worlds you haven't experienced and cannot closely observe


* Preaching or moral instruction of any type



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Fundamentals of Film : Work with Actors! Mise-en-Scene?


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playsChekhov, Ibsen, Shakespeare


Do not violate the rules, if you don't know them!


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See Cheklists -- do it every day! Do you take notes after watching a movie? You should.


Smaller laws, like avoid the LS (on video), unless you got the natural (good = dramatic) light.
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