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FILM class

.... 2006
The old class page, this is the page for Fall 2001 course (it should be considered as "Fundamentals of Film Directions"). Nevertheless, by the end of the semester you should have a decent tape in your hand to send to grad schools.

There are three areas to focus: scripting, shooting, editing. And while through it learn a little bit about the process itself. Also, the skills that are required to be a filmmaker (team work, understanding the artistic and technical tasks).

In the right table on every page is the link to ONLINE directing class from Yahoo, where the student scripts are posted. Also, there are archives of the Directors Forum, List, you might subscribe to.

Since this is an intro to basics of the filmmaking, I have to cover two different subjects: aesthetics (film language) and the production aspect. Everything in twelve weeks! And this is why this class is introduction ONLY!

[The pages are updated, when I teach this class.]

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possible plan(s)

script breakdown 10%
the studio production team 5%
directing terminology 5%
talent and camera blocking 10%
makeup 5%
timing 5%
technical direction 10%
directing 50%
Examine it:
Class: Writing The Screenplay 101

Meets four times for an hour each. 

Students will accomplish at least ten pages, not exceeding 30 pages, of script development. 
Students will learn the basics of screenwriting and ascertain enough knowledge to continue writing their screenplay and finish. 

First Class
Finding the Heart of your story
- Plot or Character driven, which is best?
- Cause and Effect (Characters and Plot)
- Thinking about Characters
- Fully fleshed Characters
- The Paradigms of a Story

Second Class
Screenplay Structure 
(This is not a discussion on simply the 3-Acts, 
every story has a beginning, middle, and an end or it would not be a story, 
and we're only interested in writing screenplays with a story.)
- What is Structure and why is it important?
- What Structure best suits your Story?
- Structure and Genre
- Classic Structure: Linear
- Types of Alternative Narrative Structure 
   Free Form/Concentric

Third Class
Writing your first ten pages
- The Setup: the or else scene
- Establishing genre and drama
- Connecting the Audience
- Case Studies 
- Looking Ahead towards your Second and Third Acts 
(setups and payoffs)

Fourth Class
- Writing the Scene
- Types of Scenes
Scene Dialectics
- Ins and Outs
- Functions
- Structures
- Sequences
Films & Movies

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