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Mamet: “The structure of any dramatic form should be a syllogism-- which is a logical construct of this form: “if A” ... “then B” “ (p. 63)
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Camera Motivation *

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Cutting, References


Editing Checklist *

I probably need a checklist for students to go over before the tests.


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Textbook : appendix 2

Andrey Tarkovsky



Ingmar Bergman


06 "film project form" (to collect)



2006: Fall * THR470 (homework)
film project [ cut & paste ]

name _____________ working title ________________
phone _____________ email __________________

[ fill out this form to see how much you know about your film. textbook p. 621 (reduced) + post it on yahoo-cls-directing ]

1. Statistics
My film will be ____ minutes long,
will be shot on (format) _________ ,
is expecpected to take __________ shooting days,
check what applies (finished, submitted):

A thematic statement (proposal) __

A treatment __

Screenplay __

Schooting script __

2. Personal philosophy behind the making of this film (Why did you want to make this film?)

3. Premise (the film explores my convictions by ...)

4. Genre

5. Main characters, their wants, dominant traits, and major conflict each (most important first)

Character A __________

Character B __________

6. Main situation affectinf the main characters

7. Point of view

8. The film main conflict

9. The confrontation

10. Story resolution

11. Intended impact

After they have seen my film, I want my audience members to: (a) Feel ___________________________

(b) Think __________________________

(c) Tell all their friends to go and see the film because ___________

12. Other [ central image(s), main theme(s) and etc. ]

Team/Crew [ class member(s) ]


... Why? Why did I make this page? Never mind the Dictionary! How long will it take to compose this Checklist?

Did you see the "Ten Commandments" for film director?

This checklist is endless, kids. In fact, there are several of them (look at the Editing, for example). I think I will die before I can finish it. I do not want to die doing it.

[ not updated ]

1. Checklist on Continuety


1. The Film Editor watches the footage (takes)

2. The Film Editor completes an editing script including title and credits.

3. The Film Editor creates a rough cut in a recongnizable manner following the editing script.

4. The Film Editor creates a final cut clearly following the editing script and showing mastery of the editing process.


[not posted yet]

Color, Art design continuety:


2. Checklist on Plot

Dramatic Composition

see script.vtheatre.net

3. Character(s) Checklist

5 Ws --Who, Where, Why, When, What


1-2-3 Dramatic Composition (Exposition, Climax, Resolution)

Tasks (Objectives) and Obstacles

Super-Objective and Through-Line

Type and relations to to rest of the cast

Genre (comedy, drama and etc.)


4. Images and Themes

Image must reappear at least three times. Visualization.


5. Sound and Music

Main themes.

Sound design choices

6. Style

film.vtheatre.net (film analysis)

7. Tempo

See Editing and Edit pages.


Mise-en-Scene: What is put in the scene: The theatrics of space as that space is created for the camera. The staging of the shots.
All properties independent of: camera position, camera movement, and editing(for its own sake). Includes: lighting, costume, acting style, sets. (editing for the effect of the scene NOT for the edit itself)

Setting and sets: reality, documentary, fabricated



Quality of acting

Balance of character to scene or space

[ ... ]

Questions for analyzing mise-en-scene:

Do the objects and props in the setting, whether natural or created have special significance that relates to the characters or the story?

Does the arrangement of objects, props, and characters within the setting have some significance? Do inanimate objects seem to have life?

How do the events relate to the spaces in which they occur? (E.g. Does a catastrophe only occur in the city scenes?) Relate this to the overall effect not just to those specific scenes.

[ movies in class ]

[ to be updated ]


Production Checklists (prop, schedule, locations, costumes and etc.)

see shows.vtheatre.net (must write mini-review 200words)

Learn by evaluating your own films!


Watch the closing credits of any movie and think who will be doing all those jobs in your production.

see STUDENTS page!


Place the cheklists on the "jobs" pages: producer, director and etc.


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