FILM directing * Please note: This syllabus may be subject to revision if changes would provide a more conducive structure for student progress.
A basic introduction to the art and discipline of storytelling through the directing process, with emphasis on the fundamentals of visualizing the story and directing the camera and actor. Students engage in numerous exercises writing, directing, producing, photographing, editing within the camera, designing, etc. to learn the fundamentals of cinema language and visual storytelling. Students will plan, direct and edit a five-minute production.

I. Theory (textbook 1 -- 4) and script

II. Production cycles (5 -- 7): 2. preproduction * 3. production * post-production

III. Film(s) (in class presentation)

5. New Ideas...

Class '06

films/video (titles) THR334 Film Analysis class -- aesthetics

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Grading: outline, script, director' script, shooting script (bible), footage, raugh cut, final cut. Texts and reviews.

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THR470 Film & Video Directing

prof. Anatoly Antohin #5253 Theatre UAF Fairbanks AK 99775 USA
Fall 2006: office hour Wed. 1-2 pm. + Green Room (THR101)

See ONLINE class List/Forum at for details: the cyber extention of the class.

textbook: Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics, Third Edition (Paperback) by Michael Rabiger 0240805178

Grammar of the Film Language by Daniel Arijon (textbook) [ recommended ]


Week 1
Course Intro: Nature of visual communication
Homework: Textbook Intro, chapter 1. Artistic Identity
Class overview. Film ideas.

Week 2
How We See: Film Language
Textbook part2 film outline

Week 3
Scripting : dramatic language and filmic expression of it
* graded script assignment (rewrites)
Textbook 3 film script

Week 4
Visual storytelling: the visual story.
Textbook 4
Storyboarding in class and the hiaku shots assigned director' script

Week 5
Set and shots: scene
Textbook 5.
Home Test Due.
shooting scripts in class.

Week 6
Scenes (mise-en-scene)
Textbook, 6
Exerc. in class

Week 7
Review for home assignemts

Week 8
Textbook, 7
Camera exercise.

Week 9
Editing and Montage
Camera exercise cont.
Sengments viewing in class
Textbook, review + test

Week 10
Editing fundamentals and cutting
Editing exercise: movement and motions; video in class

Week 11
soundtrack and audio
Switcher and audio exercises

Week 12
The studio and locations
Studio exercises

Week 13
Start Final Project

Week 14
Work on Final Projects

Week 15
Work on Final Class Project

Week 16

In depth investigation into the history, theory, basics concepts of film and video direction, script preparation, story-boarding, blocking actors and staging the camera, sound, editing. Projects include directing and shooting short videos.
This is the basic class in filmmaking; there is a prerequisite, but many come without any experience in production (theatre, JB or photography bg is needed).

How to use Film-North webpages?
How to use the Film Directing ONLINE list?
Check the webpages, first. Second, check the related directories (acting, script analysis). Third, the glossary, if you don't know the terms used. Read and reply to the post on the Online Directing site. If you need help, ask for it (send your questions to the list).
Must have your own (video) camera and access to Internet.

Script, Storyboard, Shooting script, Shots, Editing, Sound, Final Cut. (Director's File)
Textbook reading (tests)

Please, bookmark the webpages, they will be updated throughout the semester!
A lot of homework in this course (don't miss classes)!

See NEW page for updates!
This directory is organized in 5 parts (and I am not sure how much we can cover the Post- and Post-Post-production). See Title page and Preface and Intro + support pages (FAQ, Links, Glossary & etc.). The development of the parts of this course is directed by the live students in my class and their needs. Keep in mind, this is the Basics of Filmmaking, the Elements or Fundamentals of Film directing.
There are the old pages in the main directory of the Film-North [ subject pages such as Montage or Edit, and so on -- use the floating frame (top left) for the navigation between the directories. ]
One of the serious problems with the class that the level of knowledge of film directing is very different between the students. This is 400 level class and the best I can do is to redirect you to the 200X Files for the basic terms in drama and film. Also, I recommend to read the StageMatrix on stage directing. Many topics, including the floor plan, mise-en-scene, movement, working with actors and text are covered there. (THR331 Stage Directing class in the Spring 2007).

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