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... 1. Director's mini-profile [research]

2. Film / Movie [overview]

3. Segment/Focal Point -- main message [analytical]

4. Appendix -- references, sources, biblio [list]

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"The Departed" : Craft vs. Art

Myths: Father and Two Sons, Two Brothers and One Woman

Moral Dilemmas -- ... promicing begining.

Cell phones and Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson)

"It is a privilege to watch a legend who is still so relevant: Martin Scorsese. The iconic director is responsible for some of filmís all-time masterpieces (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas), but perhaps never has he seemed so vigorous. The Departed is a return to form for him in its vulgarity and casual-as-waking-up violence--the man makes exploding brain bits look like masterful spin art, but somehow never gratuitous; however, the film is not a return to straight-ahead mob flicks, which would be a copout. His mere aura commands actorsí best-ever performances, and does he ever get them here. But itís Scorseseís party, thanks to his trademark grit and urban storytelling, for no one makes the bad look so damn good! His prowess is indubitable, but itís hard to imagine him doing it without a superb script rewrite of Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs from Bostonís own William Monahan (Kingdom of Heaven). His story is not flawless all the time--for one thing, Farmigaís character is the storyís thinly veiled crutch--and it could be argued that the gunshots are exploitatively deafening, but this is no time to nitpick. Itís time to sit back, feel tense, and enjoy the show!" *


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200 words" reviews

Mamet: Oleanna

Three Days of Rain

The Departed

"I would suggest to take three directions in thinking about the movie:


acting [ Two Bostonians, Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), and Jack Nicholson -- the difference.

camera -- [ how great is Martin Scorsese? ]

The pluses are obvious and already much written about -- http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/departed/ (to start with)

I ask you again to remember about the three structural principles by Aristotle and examine the plot, character(s) and idea. And use our dramatic composition three-act principle -- think about the climax and resolution.

Compare the actors.

Camera is the "best actor". And editing.

More guidelines in class.


"Film Actor" assignment?

http://film.vtheatre.net/200w.html -- some ideas for your "200 words" mini-review."


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