Week 1
Course Intro: Nature of visual communication
Textbook Intro, chapter 1
Class overview

Week 2
How We See: Film Language
Textbook 2, 3

Week 3
Scripting : dramatic language and filmic expression of it
Home Page assignment
Textbook 4, The Triangle Principle

Week 4
Visual storytelling: the visual story.
Textbook 5
Storyboarding in class and the hiaku shots assigned

Week 5
Set and shots: scene
Textbook 6.
Home Test Due.
Present Home pages to class.

Week 6
Scenes (Dostoevsky)
Textbook, 7
Exerc. in class

Week 7
Review for home assignemts

Week 8
Textbook, 8
Camera exercise.

Week 9
Editing and Montage
Camera exercise cont.
Sengments viewing in class
Textbook, 9

Week 10
Editing fundamentals and cutting
Editing exercise: movement and motions; Textbook, 10, 11, 12

Week 11
Switchers and audio
Switcher and audio exercises

Week 12
The studio
Studio exercises

Week 13
Start Final Project

Week 14
Work on Final Project

Week 15
Work on Final Class Project

Week 16

Profile Anatoly Antohin