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Film Directing :part 1. SCRIPT

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* Dramatic Literature: from Sophocles to postmodern

* script analysis: grammar of drama

* 2005: THR334 Film & Movies *

1. Conceptualisation ("Shot-by-shot" book on visualization)
1.1 Project development
1.2 Production Design
1.3 Script Breakdown
1.4 Crewing up

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Dreams Kurosawa:

* The third part, "The Blizzard", is about four men climbing up a mountain in the snow and their hope for survival as a snow storm approaches. The men all argue and begin to walk more slowly as the snow blows harder and harder. The leader is the only one who wants to keep going until they get to the next camp, everyone else is ready to give up. They all fall down in the snow to take a break. The leader is approached by a spirit who gives him the strength to survive and when the snow dies down the camp is right in front of them. The three other men who look dead until this point, get up and walk toward the camp.

[ how to turn it back into prose? storyboarding ]

Plot & Story

script: development
part 2. Preproduction
part 3. Production
part 4. Postproduction
part 5. Next Mov(i)e

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Artistic Identity

chapter 1. The Job of Director 3-23

... last segment: Dramaturgy Essentuals

chapter 2. Identifying your themes as a director:

... Finding Your Life Issues


The Artistic Process

chapter 3. Developing Your Story Ideas

checklist for part 1:

To Avoid -- p.43

... cliches!

Subject to avoid p.39 ("Not to do" list)

[ ... ]

Story Analysis (Chaplin)

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