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... "New life of BOOK(s)" : webpage is not a book page (rather "chapter"), and electronic book only resembles book (printed). I am not about to force myself to "write" traditional books; I like to continue my journey into the new formats of "books"... I cannot give up so many nice features which "virtual" (or cyber) forms offer.

Yes, I miss the concentration of old fashion books, where the text alone is responsible for knowledge; alas, I am a theatre (and film) creature by trade and cannot refuse the seductivness of no-book medias. How can I resist web and internet? I am too weak, too much of a child of our times, barbarious and primitive.

Do I know what "electronic" or "virtual" means?

Not really.

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Globe = Lul = Cosmos = 3rd Millennium

... new, NEW and very new :

First, vtheatre -- virtual theatre

Second meaning of V-Theatre = Variety : Lul-philosophy?

filmplus.org/vtheatre -- virtual theatre as Variety !

... The new grand beginning? [ teatr.us, lul and stagematrix ] Thanks, Internet!

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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." --Mahatma Gandhi
"By engaging the associative structure of memory, (the new medium) compels a traditional linear, synchronous, sequential and exclusive pegagory to adapt to a new paradigm -- one associative, asynchronous, contextual, and collaborative." Gingher... And all my problems are because of all these wonderful qualities! Not clear narratives, frangmented and so on texts!

Film Directing 101
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Virtual Theatre in Fairbanks

Sellassie U


As usual I underestimated the work involved; I am far away from the "books"...


Well, I'm still working on them! In the scroller above I place the news... Good news. The bad news -- this is an endless process! My self-imposed deadlines are dead; they come and go -- I am reworking texts and pages with no hope to arrive anywhere...
That's the price for being writer-publisher (yes, the web is a publishing, considering that it takes so much time). Second, for doing it in two versions: one for the web, another -- traditional, print (and the later is the later and late). Third, I shouldn't write everything at the same time -- but this is the nature of the webbing!
The most recent idea is the shortcut: do you see the POD polls on my pages? The idea is to use this "print-on-demand" services, so you can order it online (softcover, hardcover, ebooks to download -- whatever you want). How will it work? Will it work? Who knows?
Meanwhile, you read, I will write and we shall see. When this POD thing is ready, you should see the announcement on this and other pages. When? Maybe, 2003?
Anatoly, Summer 2002: The most recent news are at the top, the old news -- at the bottom.

This page is placed in the bar; I better keep it updated!

Anatoly Oct. 2002


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2009 -- Addis Ababa ET


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* Acting I : BioMethod

* Acting II : Biomechanics

* Acting III : Method

** Stage Directions : Stagematrix

** Film Directing : Filmmaking for Actors

** Playscript Analysis : Grammar of Drama


"One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time." ~ Carl Sagan


movimaking online book * wikipedia

The idea was to have "director's notebooks" with my thoughts on the shows I am directing.

I am still working on those webpages (Godot'06).


Theatre UAF. 3rd dress. Tara Maginnis (costumes & photos) * April 5.2006 (some are in shows.vtheatre.net/godot/pix directory) * act one

vtheatre.net @ amazon.com

filmplus.org @ amazon.com

2006 (Antohins II: Anatoly)

Film with Anatoly


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* I do not like the term "textbook" -- book is a book. This disclaimer goes for all my "instructional" pages. This is not "How-To" book: you act the way you want. This is "What is What" notes. I write about laws and principles that govern drama, stage, screen. The formulas in art are much more complex than in science, but the rules of composition are no less fundamental than basics of electricity or gravity. They are there, believe you in it or not. It's up to you what to do with life, it's your life, I simply write about what I know. How to apply the knowledge is your business. I am not teaching, but you are welcome to learn.
Anatoly 2004
New to me -- electronic books. The textbooks moved out all my other e-projects. Since I teach full-time, I work on my instructional pages full-time. Nowadays I do it straight to the web -- and as a result, all directories grew to the point, when I have to turn my notes into texts. The priorities keep shifting, depending on what I teach at the moment. I hope that somehow the web-books could find their own forms in the process.

For more info go to the write directories. As usual I underestemated the work involved... Right now I try to fix a new directory Fundamentals of Acting, where I want to introduce the Biomechanics (Intermediate Acting) and Method (Advanced).

The same (problems) with the script.vtheatre.net; I have to separate Dramatic Literature and Playscript Analysis....

I keep my production notes for shows I direct -- and finaly I can use those pages, making them into the showcases for the last part of my textbooks. Hamlet2001 is used for StageMatrix (Directing), 3 Sisters for "Method Acting for Directors" and so on.

Well, the whole project (eBooks or WeBooks) asks for both of as -- webmaster and writer. I still learn how do it on the web (and not the design only; more important the structure of the organization, which is different from the traditional linear narrative).

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You are welcome to read and comment.

Thanks for visiting Film-North and Virtual Theatre.


There are several projects I work on. One of the The Songs of Magic Scrolls. Go to Haile Sellassie Family Web to see it, page 23 (see "Ethio ArtCookbook").

Perhaps the main attraction of webpages for me is their unbound nature, something like notes, the style dear to my heart without much discipline.

Developed page AFRICAN; read HIM -- His Imperial Majesty, the hyper-biography.

My 1999-2001 web-project is Virtual Theatre and I have to re-think e-publishing (which is broadcasting at the same time) and VTheatre Site = Performance, Video & Web. Hamlet 2002: webshow.

This page was created at the time of my discovery of web-building (1998); now many moons and websites later, I have very little time for graphics and experimentation with the fonts. Unlike ebooks professionals, I think that such books should be evolving, not static like the normal (published on paper), they should new new additions (content) every time you open it. I do not plan to rewrite everything, but with this self-publishing I have a chance to write them all the time. I can come back at any point and change it! And this is what I do.


Film & Movies

Film Directing
Stage Directions
Method Acting for the Camera
Biomechanics for Stage
Script Analysis: Theatre

Theatre w/Anatoly

PS. New flash banners should take you to my main directories (this graphic element is also a part of the ebooks)!
2004 & After

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