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... amateur, dabbler, dilettante, and their Era. Every artist was first an amateur. Ч Ralph Waldo Emerso

Profession for you, любитель, непрофессионал, дилетант. Kino.

Jackleg : 1. Lacking skill or training; incompetent. Used especially of lawyers or preachers. 2. Unscrupulous or dishonest. 3. Makeshift; temporary.

Dabbler : One lacking professional skill and ease in a particular pursuit...

Dilettante is most often used to mean a dabbler, someone with a broad but shallow attachment to any field.

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Borrowed from the French word meaning 'kind' or 'type' (and derived from the Latin word genus), the notion of genre has played an important role in the categorization and evaluation of literature, especially since the Italian French Aristotelian revival of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In literary studies, the term 'genre' is used in a variety of ways, to refer to distinctions of different orders between categories of text: type of presentation (epic/lyrici/dramatic), relation to reality (fiction/nonfiction), level of style (epic/novel), kind of plot (comedy/ tragedy), nature of content (sentimental novel/historical novel/adventure novel), and so forth.In an attempt to lend order to this confusing situation, nineteenth-century positivism spawned scientistic attempts to model the study of literary genres first on Linnaeus' binomial classification of animals and plants (where each separate type is identified by two Latin words indicating genus and species), followed by even more insistent schemes to base the study of genre history on Darwinian notions of the evolution of genus and species. Culminating around the turn of the century, at the very time when cinema was being transformed from a newfangled curiosity into a lucrative world-wide industry, these appeals to scientific models failed to lend precision to the notion of 'genre', even though generic designators continued to be widely used as broad categories for the sorting and classification of large numbers of texts.

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