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"Theatre is not a mirror but a magnifying glass." Mayakovsky
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GeoAlaska has the most theatre directories (see listings next to the floating frame on the left). I update pages, when I teach class. Anatoly, Fall 2002

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Now (2002) all "classes pages" are in one directory (here), not only film, but theatre as well.

I never thought that I will be teaching film and theatre. I never thought that I will be teaching for that long. I never thought that I will be doing it in America. Now I want to leave it in some order...

As you can see students got their subdirectory now, in addition to "students" pages in every major directory.


Languages of the Stage (sample)


The webpages are nothing but "teasers" -- I can't write online. Nobody can't. If I indeed want to have books, I have to leave the web-space. And -- it's about time.
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2004: all my textbooks (including 2-3 on film) are for actors; I feel that they more than anybody else need to understand how and why they (actors) are in the center... Should I even consider those books as Actor's Library?

After 2009 :


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THR331 Fundamentals of Directing 2005 * Wedding: class project -- finals *

2005: The purpose of my online production books was to assist myself, cast and crew during pre-production and rehearsal periods. After the show is over I use webpages for my classes: directing, acting, drama.

Michael Chekhov


* Amazon mono-books: The Ultimate Scene and Monologue Sourcebook: An Actor's Guide to over 1000 Monologues and Scenes from More Than 300 Contemporary Plays * Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors * Monologues for Young Actors * Magnificent Monologues for Kids (Hollywood 101) * The Ultimate Audition Book for Teens: 111 One-Minute Monologues (Young Actors Series) * 99 Film Scenes for Actors * The Actor's Scenebook: Scenes and Monologues from Contemporary Plays * Group Improvisation: The Manual of Ensemble Improv Games * The Actor's Book of Contemporary Stage Monologues * Audition Monologs for Student Actors: Selections from Contemporary Plays * Neil Simon Monologues: Speeches from the Works of America's Foremost Playwright * Contemporary Scenes for Student Actors * The Contemporary Monologue: Women * Contemporary American Monologues for Women * Moving Parts: Monologues from Contemporary Plays * One on One: The Best Men's Monologues for the Nineties (Applause Acting Series) * The Contemporary Monologue: Men * Soliloquy! the Shakespeare Monologues (APPLAUSE ACTING SERIES) * 1 Act Plays for Acting Students: An Anthology of Short One-Act Plays for One, Two, or Three Actors * Actors Book of Classical Monologues * Monologues from Literature: A Sourcebook for Actors * The Actor's Book of Movie Monologues * Monologues from the Plays of Christopher Durang (Monologue Audition Series) * Shakespeare's Monologues for Women * The Ultimate Monologue Index (Smith and Kraus Monologue Index), Second Edition * 2 Minutes and Under: Original Character Monologues for Actors (Monologue Audition Series.) *


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Various definitions of theatre:

a. Peter Brook: "A man walks across [an] empty space and whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theater to be engaged."

b. Monroe C. Beardsley: "When a motion, or sequence of motions, does not generate practical actions, and is intended to give pleasure through perception of rhythmic order, it is dance."

c. Bertolt Brecht: "Theater consists in this: in making live representations of reported or invented happenings between human beings, and doing so with an view to entertainment."

d. Judith Lynne Hanna: "Drawing upon everyday life and special occasions, choreographers and dancers transform and frame values, beliefs, and expressions of them through dancing."


Theatre Classes

Art Nouveau - Aesthetics 200x
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