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"If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time--a tremendous whack." --Sir Winston Churchill

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Carl R. Rogers in his book "Freedom to Learn," says:

"Teaching, in my estimation, is a vastly overrated function.... I see facilitation of learning as the aim of education."

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I don't think that students understand they and I share the grades; when someone gets "C" it's my "C" and "F" -- I failed...




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Shakespeare - Dramatic Literature
I feel that I need to write at least some summary of my teaching, since I began to use Web/Internet (the rest of the page is for the archive/references). I do the web-supported classes since the Fall of 1998; first were the sillabi (simply to print it out when needed), next -- notes (for myself). I used egroups for my productions; and I began to use them for classes as well.

Only recently I started to work on my notes for classes as the texts for cyber-students (because of the guilt that so many come to read it). Well, this is another game all together: I had to give a thought about organization (templates, navigation, searches, support pages and etc.) -- a lot of work.

More important -- what is this fish "ebooks"? I still don't know. One way or another it ends with the books! This is where I am right now -- the textbooks, which (I hope) will come out of the giant web project... Well, I still didn't give up the idea to figure out the forms of web-books.

Anatoly 2002

Let me repeat myself (from Film600 and script.vtheatre.net):

Where teaching and studying (research) meet --

Theme-thought, according to different playwrights (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov and so on) and directors (Fillini, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, Bergman pages).

Connections with other themes (list): family, gender and sex...

Finally, my own practical investigations: shows.vtheatre.net (only recently I began to make themes pages, Don Juan 2003, for example).

And the nonfiction (writing), of course: HIM, Father-Russia, PostAmeriKa, Self, POV, Tech (gatepages are in WRITE directory).

Yeah, yeah, there is more -- "philo" pages, metaphysics: in theatre theory directory, for instance (topics-bar: space, time and etc.)
Plus, Virtual Theatre and Book of Spectator!

Web? Oh, this is just medium. Like stage, screen, writing...

Philosophy, Credo Page


[old, not updated]


Credo. I'm not a teacher. I teach because I want to learn. Teaching should always be a by-product of (re)search. Nevertheless, there is such a thing as "business" of teaching. Especially when we are dealing with non-theatre majors.
Acting: Marshall Awards Georgia U. Theatre Dept.


Each year the American Society for Theatre Research awards up to three $500 fellowships in honor of the late Thomas F. Marshall, a distinguished theatre scholar and a founding member of ASTR, who took particular interest in the encouragement and support of promising students in the field of theatre research. The purpose of the awards is to encourage students to become active members of the Society by helping them to meet the expenses of attending the ASTR annual meeting in November and any student majoring in theatre or drama in any academic department at any level of higher education is eligible to apply.
Please help your best students to take advantage of this opportunity by assisting them in getting their application to:

Franklin J. Hildy, Chair
ASTR Marshall Fellowship Committee
fax 706-542-2080
Department of Drama & Theatre
phone 706-542-2759
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-3154

before the March 1, 1999 deadline.

A complete application consists only of an application form which you can get from any ASTR member, a sponsoring letter from a member of ASTR(each member can sponsor only one students per year) and another one form someone else familiar with the students work, a curriculum vitae, and a one page essay. The 1998 award winners were Esther S. Kim of Ohio State University and Shauna Vey of CUNY. We hope to see one of your students on the 1999 list.

US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION funding opportunities -- Funds


I have to break up my long CV and post different portions of it in different places.


Trained in Method Acting I did my research mostly in Meyerhold's theories; Biomechanics for actors and Scenometrics (StageMatix) for staging.[2] In classroom and productions I use both, depending on the situation - our theatre program serves two main categories of students, around 30 majors with professional orientation, and a lot of students, who take theatre as a liberal arts subject.

Academically and administratively I believe in dichotomy of globalization and specialization in education; our concentration at UAF is the Theatre of the North. "Tuma" program focuses on Native performance and Russian Theatre as an ongoing exchange with leading Soviet artists (A RUSSIAN CHRISTMAS TALE was designed by Danila Korogodsky, and we had Alexander Zhurbin, composer and vice president of Soviet Musical Theatre Guild, for residency at UAF).

Departmental policies: All theatre faculty are engaged in creative/scholarly activities, faculty development goes together with development of new courses, and publishing of our research.

Students: Most of our majors are in acting, and after establishing of the Student Drama Association (SDA) and transforming producing responsibilities to students for "Winter Shorts", a student directed one-acts season, they got practically unlimited possibilities for performance. We developed a Handbook for majors and conducting professional seminars/workshops such as Auditions, Resume Preparation, Portfolios and etc.

Our season consists of three components: main stage productions done by faculty and guest-directors, guest companies and "Winter Shorts" (see season brochure). For publicity we usually mail 30.000 season advertising brochures for subscribers, publishing at least four times a year our newsletter (3.000 circulation). [For UAF Theatre audience development and fundraising see 1991 report.]

We have close creative cooperation with other departments; musical directors, musicians, composers, singers from faculty and music majors; set and posters - Arts Department, Alaska Native Studies, Northern Studies and others. Also, team teaching.

Because of our active professional life we have good relations with administration, Vice Chancellors on Research, Academics, as well as with the Dean, Chancellor, President and Faculty Senate. Theatre UAF is the main force for the university Public Relations on state and community levels. We teach for Summer Arts Camp, Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival (International), direct, design for local community theaters such as Fairbanks Light Opera and Fairbanks Drama Association, Children Theatre, Eskimo Olympics, Stage Readings, Open Stage and etc.

(Written in 1992, when I was a department head)

How my Theatre and Film Sites are developing, depends on courses I teach. In the Fall I teach Acting 121 and Dramatic Literature THR 215. For production activities visit Pre-Pro Page. Also, my UAF office hours page.
This page is for my colleagues. I'll work on it later.

"Public educators, like Soviet farmers, lack any incentive to produce results, innovate, to be efficient, to make the kinds of difficult changes that private firms operating in a competitive market must make to survive." Carolyn Lochhead

PS. And only the presence of private institutions forces the public education system to make some changes.




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Venice Carnival 2002 & Don Juan 2003 Show


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