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Test (Yourself) Before Test

Part I. MC Questions
1. Click the red button next to each answer you think is most correct.
2. If you do not know the answer, do not guess, since wrong answers are penalized.
3. If you check the wrong red button, simply click the correct one to change it.
4. If you have checked a red button with a guess and wish to deselect all red buttons for that question, just click the lit red button.
5. When finished, click the "Click When Finished Button" at the end of the test. Your score will appear below it, and all correct answers will be lit with a green button. Check over the "green lit" answers you didn't know to assist you in knowing what areas you still need to study.

Part II. Essay-type answers

Write short (1-2 paragraphs) answers:

"Play well, or play badly, but play truly." (Konstantin Stanislavsky)

What does Stanislavsky mean by "truly"?

"So we may say that the strength of the movement stirs our willpower in general; the kind of movement awakens in us a definite corresponding desire, and the quality of the same movement conjures up our feelings." (Michail Chekhov)

How do you undertsand this statement?

Part III. Analysis


Gogol, Inspector General:
Engaged! Engaged! Stuff your engagement! (In a frenzy) Look at me, all look at me, I want the whole world, every nation, to look at me! See what a fool the mayor has been made! (Shakes his fist at himself) Oh you idiot! Taking that jerk, that worm, for a VIP! And now he is in the air, laughing and spreading the story everywhere. He'll turn you into the laughingstock of the whole world! What's worse -- some scribbler will stick you into a comedy! That's hurts. And they'll all grin and clap. (To the audience) What are you laughing at? You, you're laughing at yourself! Ooooh! You sniveling liberals! Devil's seed! I'd tie you all in a knot, pound you all to a jelly and kick you down to hell! (Strikes out with his fist) What was there about that scatterbrain to make us take him for an investor? Nothing! Not that much! And yet everyone was suddenly yapping, "It's the millionaire! The investor! Inspector!" Who started the rumor? Who?

1. Identify three major elements of composition: Exposition, Climax, Resolution

2. Use the floor plan chart to indicate acting areas

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