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THR 334W (3 Credits) Spring 2003 Movies and Films (3+0) h Explores rotating thematic topics in the art of classic cinema (films) and popular mass media (movies). Comparative analysis of classics and recent motion pictures is used to present elements of film language, analysis and criticism.
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THR 334 Film & Drama

Summer 1999, UAF, Anatoly Antohin

Name __________________

Please give short answers:

1. What is the difference between dramatic and filmic structures?

2. What is the function of CUs (Close-up shots)?

3. What do we call a polyphonic principle? Use "Pulp Fiction" to illustrate your points.

4. What is the Eisenstein's major contribution to film?

5. What is a counter-point and how does it apply to sound in film?

6. Describe the difference between image and symbol.

7. What are the main themes and conflict in "God-Father"?

8. What is subjectibe time? Give an example.

9. Write one page (max) mini-essay, comparing use of dream techniques by Fellini, Bergman and Kurosawa.

2007 textbook : Film Art