Independent (Individual) Study THR393

Course description including objectives: developing a critical sensibility, scholarship and practical experience.
Specific activities or methods the student will use to meet those objectives: research, study.
Sources of necessary information: script, articles, WWW, seminars.
Evaluation methods that will be used to determine to what extent the objectives will be met: conferences with an instructor, posts on production group/list.

vtheatre production group (cast + crew)

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Research & Study hours outside of rehearsal period (scheduals).

Past IS in dramaturgy in Theatre Office (files)

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Thesis UAF

Permission of an instructor


1) Student meets with supervising faculty member to discuss internship requirements and fill out Theatre UAF Internship Application.
2) Submit completed form to Dept. Chair of Theatre for signature and recommendation.
3) Student and supervising faculty member complete Theatre UAF Internship Agreement and Internship Student Statement of Compliance forms (Available in THR office)
All completed paperwork is forwarded to the Deanís Office for final approval.


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IS -- Individual Study

Dramaturgy : Mamet Oleanna 10/20 - 10/29/2006 (Theatre UAF Season 2006-2007)

dramaturg :

dramaturg :

cases (samples):

* dramaturgue Don Juan

* dramaturg The Possessed

* Oedipus

* Gogot

"Dramaturg's Pages"

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Eligibility: To qualify for an internship, you must

be a major with junior or senior status.
have a grade of B (a 3.0 gpa) or better in the major.
complete prerequisite courses or have permission of the internship director or department chair for exceptions. Prerequisites include ...
enroll in THR393 after you have been granted an internship by the organization to which you applied and have received the internship director's approval.
Note: All internships must be approved by the internship director. Contact : email or 907-...
When are internships offered?

Internships are offered in fall, spring and summer. You may start your internship during your winter break as well, but you need to enroll in the course for the spring. You may begin your internship during one semester and carry over into another semester if you do not complete your 120 hour on-site work requirements. You may not extend your internship more than one semester.

What are the prerequisites?

For students who enroll ...
In some cases if you are an exceptional student, the internship director or the department chair may waive some prerequisites and approve an internship.

When should I apply for an internship?

You should begin looking for an internship from three to six months prior to the semester in which you hope to take it. Make sure you observe the internship deadlines for specific organizations listed on this Web site or posted on our bulletin boards.

How do I apply for an internship?

You are responsible for finding your own internships. JPC faculty members will offer assistance, but you must make the arrangements with the employer.
To find internships, check the bulletin board and UAF website for opportunities. Also check with your professors and the internship director.
Check the internship binders from students who had previous internships to determine what organizations might offer these opportunities.
Meet with the internship director prior to applying for the opportunity.
You should submit a cover letter and resume to your prospective employer. If you need help drafting these, meet with the internship director.
Instruction sheets and forms for the internships can be obtained in the Department office or from the internship director ...

What are the internship course requirements to gain the credit?

Send a weekly e-mail to the internship director describing your activities and tasks that week. Mention any job-related problems for which you would like some advice from the internship director. Compile a portfolio at the end of your internship. The portfolio should include samples of all the work you have done on the job, copies of your weekly e-mails and a self-evaluation.
Write a self-evaluation describing your internship, including the responsibilities, problems and achievements you had. Consider this evaluation as a review that would help other students decide whether to seek this internship.
Give a presentation at an internship meeting (scheduled at the end or beginning of a semester) about your internship.

Grading for your internship is as follows:
Weekly reports - 10 percent
Work supervisor's evaluation - 40 percent
Portfolio - 40 percent
Oral presentation at internship meeting - 10 percent
Note: You should make a copy of the work samples in your portfolio that you can use when you apply for jobs. Your internship portfolio must be kept in the department.

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