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[an error occurred while processing this directive] "Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out." - Martin Scorsese

Andrey Tarkovsky



Ingmar Bergman


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This page is a required reading for all my film classes. Memorize the chronology (tests). "How to Read a Film" (Monaco) has it close to own breakdown (Film for Kids page):

1. To 1895: Prehistory

2. 1896-1915: The Birth of Film

3. 1916-1930: Silent Film, The Births of Radio and Sound Film

4. 1931-1949: The Great Age of Hollywood and Radio (Movies: massculture of film)

5. 1946-1960: Television

6. 1961-1980: The Media World

7. 1981-Present: The Digital World

I call the Seven Ages of Film. NB. I rather position the six-to-seven stage at 1968, which I consider the end of high modernity and start of the POMO (postmodern) perception.

Film & Movies class & FilmMaking 101

Film History

American Directors





Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics Developed at San Francisco State University, this textbook isolates the five fundamental image elements of television and film--light and color, 2D space, 3D space, time/motion, and sound--examines their aesthetic characteristics and potentials, and structures them in their respective aesthetic fields. The fourth edition adds sections on inductive shot sequences, electronic cinema, and alternative storytelling techniques. ***
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"To make a film is to improve on life, to arrange it to suit oneself ... to construct something which is at once a new toy and a vase in which one can arrange in a permanent way the ideas one feels in the morning." - Francois Truffaut
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"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world." --Jean-Luc Godard [an error occurred while processing this directive] * Two Tarkovsky pages @ film.vtheatre.net: Mirror & Rublev ("Sacrifice" doc hour) for Russian Cinema & USSR + in Russian *

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Film Art


Film with Anatoly

Film: intro Bedford (textbook)

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Bergman - Film with Anatoly


Students MUST write, shoot, direct and edit their first films!
Films, Movies, Cinema... What's the difference?

The closest meaning is the art or technique of making motion pictures. From kinema (Greek) MOVEMENT

I use it to refer to national film cultures. Although the film language is universal, the useage of it is different both historically and culturally.

We can't get into history of film, but there are a few Film-North pages devoted to national schools of filmmaking.

Only Visions of the Northern Mind class has a little of "national" cinema overview (Russia, Scandinavia, US).

Film & Video Directing: get enrolled!

Tarkovsky: russian cinema

"Cinematography" = camera-work (the usual meaning).


Man with a Camera: soviet cinema...

Understanding of cinematography is required for practical applications of filming in Virtual Theatre Format. Webcast is not TV and not the traditional big screen; it's a small computer screen. In fact, this is multi-screen arrangement. We will try it with WWWilde production in the Fall Y2K -- The Importance of Being Earnest.

Not only shots, but the cuts must be re-evaluated. Since the viewer does the "funal cuting" we present him with the preselected choices; several live shots from several cameras. So, what is the "screen-within-screen" composition means?

Take a good look at your monitor! It's nothing less than a control pannel.

That is why we call camera-person a camera-performer and any viewer -- SpectActor. "Live" nature of theatre is preserved in interactive nature of the Internet, when public is active and a particint of the creating the show. This bring us back to the ritual aspect of the Virtual Theatre, when the performers and the audience become the same.

Film & Movies

Film Directing
Stage Directions
Method Acting for the Camera
Biomechanics for Stage
Script Analysis: Theatre

Theatre w/Anatoly



I graduated from the Institute of Cinematography, we have film studies and film schools, but we watch movies! Think about it!
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Write a list of your favorite foreign movies.



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National and Global (page in 200X Aesthetics on Visual Economy and POV -- Language of Angels).
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