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Summer 2009...
First, see Webman's Diary; history and philosophy. This directory for working relations. Sellassie WWW enjoyed good traffic and therefore there are many pages on the nature and use of the Internet. I wrote, while I learned the secrets of the web-building and living on the Net.

It was the pages for "my affiliations"; very few of them left -- actually, seems that only Amazon will stay. And this is a lesson too. You begin to value your time, maturing as a webmaster. Investigate the company before you sign with them (the way you do it with the stock). So, now I am to use this page to link WEB and Business pages...

You see, the two are not the same. In fact, webmaster (in me at least) is a bad businessman. In short, webmaster is a craftsman, like a shoemaker, not a salesman. Of course I didn't understand it, when I started my pages. That's the reason, why the business directory appeared last. Webmaster deals with layout, appeal, graphics -- and some editorial decisions on the content. But the "hits" and the linkage strategy? Here he comes to the border of his territory...

Example. August 2002. According to the new super-counter I have over 200/day unique pageviews (and close to it -- the reloads). More or less the same with the site "Virtual Theatre" at Geocities (Yahoo). What does it mean?

Ah, the analysis! Business plan!

Wait, wait! First -- the observations. It took me at least two weeks to understand the numbers -- and two more to swallow the data. I didn't understand that the "reloads" are more important than the "visitors" (Unique - A unique visit is defined as one individual visiting your site once within an hour. The unique visitor has unique attributes: IP address, Browser and Operation system). Finally, I said -- I want the reloads (returning visitors) be at least in numbers as "uniquies"! Great!

Wrong again. The ration must be several times higher ("the sticky pages" are the pages your reader doesn't leave after one page-viewing (everage they say, 3 pages). Well, doesn't it mean that the ratio unique/reload must be at least 1:3? You see? Send the webmaster to work: the same people must read several pages once they see one page! But this webmaster Anatoly, needs directions; what to feature, what to direct the traffic, the logic of navigation and so on...

I look back in anger: some pages are of no use even for myself! How can they be used, if they are not complete? How even I can judge them, unless they are fully developed? Both, the webmaster and the writer were staring at Anatoly-businessman... Silence. Long pause.

Okay, back to the number game. The Sellassie pages have no less traffic (maybe more), but what does the numbers mean? What if I would make "understandable"? Let say I have a new person checking in every minute or two -- and director in me asks: what do you want them to DO? "Read"? It's the method. What action do you want them to take?...

WRITER: to read more?

WEBMASTER: to come back?

WEBBOSS: to buy books from Amazon?

All right, we know that an average ratio of click-through and purchase is 100:1 (or that miserable one percent, on the Internet it's even smaller, I think). So, if 100 people saw this little Amazon link somewhere on your pages and ten click on it (questionable)... nobody would buy! You have to have 1000! or to increase the ratio! Another pause... Depressing. What did it take me to get the traffic that high!? Gentlemen, take a coffee break.

I hope you, my reader-webmaster, now see the real picture. And the need for business pages and biz-directory. Do you think this is bad? Look at the bottom of the page at the red number on the right -- nobody is visiting this page! Not even me! What kind of business attitude do you expect? Did you noticed that in my lists of directories for the floating frame (top left) there are no connections to business pages or even to the web directories? Why do you think it's so?

Pause. Should we go back to our production meeting? What was the agenda?

Listen, it doesn't matter how you started your pages. If after so many years you still are doing it; treat yourself with a respect -- as a business. The same Amazon began in 1996. I -- in 1998. Interesting?

WRITER: Come on! I do it for myself! You all live because I write! I like to write, so -- I write! I don't care! I don't waste my time at your silly meeting! Go to hell! I will do it regardless!...

Nobody answered him. He knew that he is wrong. Regardless? What a stupid thing to say, Anatoly...

Should we drop the subject or continue? But check the poll "What you buy online?" at the bottom -- and the line "I order from your site" -- what do you think is there? Nothing, zero.

Do you want another demonstration? Use the right click and the meta tags -- do you see that the page has no directions; and you, Anatoly, would get a lot of people (if ever), who have nothing to do with you and your pages!



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