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Internet, The Wasteland

2007 -- web-year
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virtual theatre and web --
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But before you begin designing your website, remember why authors create websites:

To sell books and/or products
To be viewed as experts
To accumulate fans
To maintain a baseline of all marketing communication
To be easy to get in touch with
To maximize their Web and media presence

... web2.0 and business

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The Facts & Web Non-Fiction

There are millions out there -- what else could it be besides the wasteland?

More than your TV, my friend, much more!

It's okay.

Accept it -- and than we can move on.

First, lern to value your time.

And I mean it. Stop surfing.

Start searching!


Make yourself (your pages) somebody' search query!

Get a few thousand visitors and come back to read what to do next...

Why do I say it? Because webbing is YOUR knowledge through experience. It has to be your EXPERIENCE in order to be YOUR knowledge. Whatever you learn from my experience is only a MATERIAL for you to try YOUR WAY.

The most rediculous is the notion that there are ready models for webmasters. Look at your this "Make Your Counter Scream!" (right table) -- do you really think your counter will scream -- I surrender!? No, my friend, your counter is YOUR users. Not the accidental surfers. Don't count them! They will never come back and they will never buy anything on your site. Period.

321 or Beseen... are gone! The Globe is no more. It take a lot of work to stay alive on the Internet. No, you won't succed unless you really want to be online. Or should I say -- unless you need it?

I use my pages for myself; my classes, my notes, my shows, plays. I can count on one reader at least -- myself. Never mind the traffic! I can have my office at any place any time! I am free from the paper waste of the past, from the lost files, from unrecorded thoughts -- I did get help... And I believe this electronic existence can help you. But this is only a by-product.

Don't lose the goal -- why YOU do it!


Anatoly, webmaster

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