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Travel? No, Traffic @ Film-North

2005: Start with the Open Directory Project! While your site has to offer good, unique content to be accepted to the ODP, its editors usually review sites quickly and won't reject them without a good reason for doing so. This, along with the fact that submitting to the ODP is free of charge, makes it a perfect starting point.
Ethiopia, Russia, Europe, Alaska... No, I will write about traffic! "The travel in cyber space" (click on the word to read a page from Webman's Diary).

I do not keep my webmaster's diary anymore. I think that I have to go back to writing (content) and let this web-slave, who thinks of himself as a master, to server me. That was his business to built the pages in such a way that people will find them, read -- and come back. Well, he did his job. He learned it while doing it, he made a lot of mistakes, let see where we are now.

Finally, I got the traffic, the real flow: 1.000-2.000 visitors a day. (This is why I came back to my two business directories to fix the pages). I am talking about my film and theatre sites (Sellassie pages always had good numbers). First, this is good and bad news. Why bad? Because you have to rethink and redesign your pages. Because you have to run the pages...

Did read page losers? You should. It took four years to get where I am now. I liked the process and I didn't have to talk myself into doing it, but, my God, I had no idea that it will take so much work! And, yes, I made all possible mistakes along the way. I tried to submit my pages to the search engines, I became affiliate with so many companies (two or three are still on my pages). Nothing worked. Nothing! I told you, read the Diary of A Webmaster! I still make mistakes (I hope NEW ones).

The bad news? You see, when you got to the point, when your pages work, you have to make use of them. That's where the business come into picture. Of course, this is another story. If you have this decent traffic, it does mean that your pages will start making money.

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What is "Data Transfer"? Whenever a visitor comes to your site, data is sent from our web servers to your visitor's computer. This data can be composed of web pages, images, movies, sound files, programs, compressed files, or anything else on your site that can be viewed or downloaded by visitors. When all this requested data is added up, then you have your total data transfer.

How is Data Transfer measured? This data is measured in "bytes." So let's first look at what a "byte" is.

A "byte" is the unit most computers use to represent a character such as a letter, number, or typographic symbol (for example, "y", "6", or "?"). Even characters you do not see such as spaces and characters comprising HTML tags also are stored in a computer as bytes.

20-Oct-2004 03:20 -- ... one new reader every minute. (see cqcounter, on every page)

Unique -- Avg: 1,442 Max: 2,031
Reloads -- Avg: 1,308 Max: 1,774

The best news that the gap between "unique" and "reloads" is closing! Meaning that whoever for whatever comes to my pages does stay! (Reading more than one page).

Where do people go on (Alexa data) ~ 43% ~ 27% ~ 11% ~ 9% ~ 5% ~ 2% ~ 2% ~ 2% 
Nov. 2003 -- what does it mean? The popularity -- and the time I spent on each directory... I do not know how much labor was invested in each directory. I don't even know how to keep the record of my hours.

[I have to work on Biz directory @ GeoAlaska-Virtual Theatre]

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Avoid auto-submission to search engines and directories. In truth there are only a handful of good search engines and directories. Auto-submission usually will just earn you a lot of span emails
Avoid participation in Free For All (FFA) listing. There is no quality monitor on FFA and you site can be listed amongs shady entries. Moreover, some search engines such as Google will actually penalize you for having an association with FFA
Avoid participation in Link Farms. Read major engines policy and guideline and avoid techniques that they discourage. For instance, cloaking, hidden text, keywords stuffing, etc.
See Google's Webmaster Dos and Don'ts Explained for a more thorough discussion on this topic.

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... site promotion is an ongoing process. To maximize your site traffic, you need to monitor it constantly, and make judgements about what you can do to improve it. If you know at least the basics of how the process works, you'll be in a good position to decide whether it's best for you to hire an outside consultant, train someone in your company, or simply do it yourself.


Think of your server logs as a virtual visitor sign-in sheet. They record where your visitors came from and where they go on your site.

Server log files tell you:

Which pages get the most traffic - and the least.
What sites are referring visitors to you.
Which pages visitors look at.
What browsers and operating systems are most popular with visitors.
When search engine spiders and directory editors visit.
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